Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Service Celebrates a Decade of Providing Tree Services

Pittsburgh, PA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2022 — Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Service is a well-established and reputable urban company celebrating its tenth anniversary. Most folks in and around Pittsburgh agree that this company is their top resource for tree care services.

Over the years, the business has gained a five-star reputation due to its consistent display of high-quality workmanship. Even though their name bears the word “removal,” customers can count on tree and shrub care services to be at the forefront of the operation. However, if a tree is threatening the health of neighboring trees, the arborists will make the call to complete tree removal.

In honor of the company’s decade of service the owner, Adam Nurse is offering special discounts and deals for the entire month. “We have been so blessed by the customers in our local community over the years and want to give them a little something special in return. Without our loyal clients our business wouldn’t be half of what it is today”, said Mr. Nurse.

A longtime Pittsburgh resident recalls a memory about the company that involved a tree threatening to topple onto the roof of a home. The owners of the home didn’t have the funds to get the tree removed. When the company heard about the situation they sprung into action and safely removed the tree before it could cause any damage to the home. They did so without expecting any payment.

By using industry-leading tools and equipment, trees are trimmed and shaped professionally. That’s why the company is a go-to source for tree care. The arborists on their team have many years of experience.

“I only hire licensed arborists and apprentices who have a love for the job. You can tell whether someone is only in it for a paycheck or if they truly enjoy what they do. When it comes to my team you can bet your bottom dollar that they take great pride in their work and love making trees and shrubs look great”, said Adam Nurse.

An employee from Pittsburgh Tree Trimming & Removal Services named Jeremy commented on the company by saying, “Adam is a great boss to work for, and he’s always fair. I am proud to be one of the employees who’s been here since the beginning. Celebrating a decade of business with this company is amazing. So many memories have been made and I’m privileged to be a part of them.”

During the company’s celebration month staff will be offering free education on tree and shrub care and letting potential clients know when it is time for tree removal. Some of the topics that’ll be covered include dead tree branches, hollow trunks, the dangers of stumps, and the most common tree diseases seen in Pennsylvania. If you’d like to obtain that free information you can stop by the office to pick it up or the team will bring you a packet during your next tree service.

Educating people about the ins and outs of tree removal services in Pittsburgh is a big part of what the company does. Adam and his crew make it known that they enjoy trees and view them as a vital part of the ecosystem. There are many circumstances that warrant a tree removal such as it being dead, too close to a building, or during land & lot clearing services.

Because the company is celebrating its ten-year anniversary they are stressing the importance of tree services more than ever before.

Tree care is seen as an important way to protect the integrity and health of a landscape. The last ten years of the company’s life have been educating Pittsburgh residents on how to keep trees thriving and disease-free through pruning, trimming, cutting, and sometimes removal services. If you’d like to learn more about services offered please call (412) 612-2277 to speak to a team member.

Pittsburgh Tree trimming & Removal Service invites you to celebrate its success by scheduling an appointment for a zero-cost consultation today.

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