PISKE-DO is a kick skater with a front bag, and a fun activity to smoothly catch trash on the streets while sliding.

PISKE is a completely new street sport that people can play and elegantly pick up trash in the city while sliding on a special kickboard-type vehicle with a basket mounted in the front.

“If this game catches on, I’m sure the world will be clean in no time.”

With the wind as your partner, you can run around freely, strengthen your mind, and body while experiencing the joys of the world.

It’s truly the start of a global game!

There’s trash around the house, so I clean it up. It all started with such an ordinary action. Before I knew it, the scope of my work was expanding.

“There was no end to what I could do.”           

I wondered if I could do it more efficiently and quickly.             

And above all, can’t we make this standard lifestyle of walking with a garbage bag under our hands more light-hearted?

Can’t we make it lighter?

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to use a kick scooter-type vehicle that could carry luggage?

This was the basis for the idea.

This was the beginning of PISKE, the world’s first trash pickup activity using a kick skater.

The Kickstarter campaign can be found on the web at:

People from all over the world can endorse and donate to this project. In addition, Mr. Toshifumi Kuwabara will provide PISKE to countries around the world as a reward to supporters of this Kickstarter campaign, which aims to expand PISKE’s activities worldwide.

Please help us in this project to beautify the world while playing and having fun. Further details of the project can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page.

About This Project:


PISKE can be enjoyed in any field.

The feeling of speed and exhilaration is unique.

Being cool, active, and above all, having fun brings a definite result to the world.

The skills you hone with your body will have a real impact on the world.

This is a complete departure from common sports and activities.

It means following your instincts and intuition to do what is right and fun.

It is an activity based on our natural motivation, and there is certainly a sense of pleasure that can never be felt anywhere else.

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