Piqsol’s Fractional NFT Engine Is Gearing Up to Disrupt the World of NFTs Forever

PIQSOL allows for the fractionalization of NFTs, an innovative world first platform for Solana that targets users who were previously unable to participate in significant NFT drops owing to financial restrictions.

NFTs are becoming more expensive daily and Piqsol aims to bring access to all communities globally, by disrupting a booming multi-billion-dollar industry.

Piqsol’s innovative offering will allow users to mint, buy, sell and swap NFTs in fractional units. Users will be able to buy as an example; 1/10th of an art piece and share in its ownership.

The world is rapidly gravitating towards a digital age where digital assets will be more valuable in the future and used to perform transactions instead of fiat currencies. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an offshoot of cryptocurrency and take the top spot among digital assets turning their holders into millionaires today.

PIQSOL is the world’s first fractional Solana NFT marketplace that provides access to fractional NFTs with huge growth potential for just about anybody.

The popularity of digital collectives has evolved into a mainstream concept however, NFT marketplaces still remain to be difficult to use, complex and expensive to get started with. This can be overwhelming and it has alienated new customers. One NFT that is dubbed a game-changer in the NFT marketplace is the newly launched PIQSOL which is set to revolutionize the world of NFTs by making it more accessible to users globally. To do this, the developers of PIQSOL have enacted reduced costs and drastically reduced the learning curve.

“The PIQSOL project will revolutionize NFT adoption for the masses,” explained Priven Reddy, Founder of PIQSOL. “This is the world’s first fractional Solana NFT marketplace and it is huge for the industry and creates new revenue streams, new onramps, and a move towards fractional ownership that was never really within the reach of newbies, the lower-income, or middle-class consumers. It truly democratizes high-value NFT ownership.”

Regardless of their geographical location, newbies and established crypto traders alike will access a whole new world of NFTs in a brand new fractional marketplace. Buying into the PIQSOL token will give holders access to fractional NFTs with impressive growth potential. The launch of PIQSOL did not come at a better time than now, when the NFT world needed a real solution to high gas fees and affordable access to high-value NFTS.

The PIQSOL project offers a full NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea packed with way more features, fractional ownership of NFTS using the PIQSOL NFT marketplace, buying, selling, and minting NFTs, multichain minting for NFTs, and secured NFT authenticity using a third-party security vendor. PIQSOL provides a great opportunity for people who feel major NFTs are too expensive. Such people can benefit from PIQSOL’s model of fractionalizing NFTs to give access to NFTs without monetary constraints.

This will certainly revolutionize the industry and add much-needed value to the ecosystem. Piqsol backed by a tech team with over 15 years of experience in high-end software development, plans to release native mobile apps as well as integration into various gaming platforms integrating the Piqsol Token.

 A pre-sale to the platform starts on 4th February and is set to gain mass adoption from the global community.

For more information, please visit http://piqsol.com/

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