Pioneering the Future: Scenic Coast Property and Join Forces to Revolutionize Virtual Real Estate


Sydney, Australia – Scenic Coast Property, a family-owned real estate business with expertise in architectural design and high-quality properties, has announced its partnership with, a community-driven metaverse, to revolutionize the virtual real estate market.

Virtual real estate is a relatively new concept that has the potential to change the real estate industry by enabling the buying, selling, and exploration of virtual properties, just like physical real estate. By providing this new technology, properties can be explored virtually from any computer or smartphone, offering new revenue streams and a new way for real estate agents and developers to give purchasers an immersive experience.

The partnership between Scenic Coast Property and aims to create a virtual real estate market that is both innovative and user-friendly. Scenic Coast Property’s expertise in architectural design and high-quality standards combined with’s community-driven approach to the metaverse make the two companies well-positioned to achieve this goal.

Matthew and James, the owners of Scenic Coast Property, expressed their excitement about partnering with to explore the potential of virtual real estate. They said, “Our commitment to architectural design and high-quality standards makes us a natural fit for the metaverse, and we are thrilled to see what new possibilities this partnership will bring for the future.” is a community-driven metaverse that offers a variety of community avatars and special assets, with shops, social events, spaces, games, and programmable NPC’s. The company’s approach to the metaverse emphasizes community involvement, making it an ideal partner for Scenic Coast Property.

The team at believes that virtual real estate has the potential to be a major force in the metaverse, and they are excited to work with Scenic Coast Property to explore the possibilities. They stated, “Their expertise in architectural design and commitment to high-quality standards make them an ideal partner for us, and we look forward to creating a virtual real estate market that is both innovative and user-friendly.”

As the metaverse continues to evolve, virtual real estate is set to become a significant market. With the partnership between Scenic Coast Property and, the future of virtual real estate looks bright.

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