Parental control apps usually fall into two camps. There are traditional monitoring apps that lack the features you really want, with outdated technology holding you back. Then there are apps that promise the moon but underdeliver when you actually go to use them. With eyeZy, we’ve created a new category of parental control apps — one that features advanced technology to keep up with what’s next and a simple interface that lets parents stay in control without getting in the way.” — eyeZy team

eyeZy includes a number of features that work in the background and with user input to help parents stay on top of their children’s digital lives.

Parents can choose to pop in and see what’s happening at their leisure, or let eyeZy take the wheel and keep them posted if something seems out of sorts. Here are seven of the top eyeZy features that parents are talking about:

Social Spotlight makes it easy to see their private conver- sation on popular social media apps, including WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and even Tinder.

Files Finder shows you the pics, videos, and files saved on their phone. There’s no need to look around. eyeZy gathers them all together in one place.

Web Magnifier lets you see what they’re searching for in their browser, so you know what websites they visit and their general interests.

Pinpoint shows you their location on a map, and uses GPS location tracking and advanced WiFi network analysis to help you understand their whereabouts.

Magic Alerts give you peace of mind by notifying you if they’ve left or entered a pre-determined geographical area, or if they use concerning words in their conversations.

Plans Breaker gives you the inside scoop on their social habits, letting you see their calendar so you can take action if you don’t approve of what’s ahead.

Keystroke Capture shows you every keystroke they type, so you can make sure they’re having responsible conversations.

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