Lose Weight With Tools That Weren’t Taught in Medical School

PRINCE GEORGE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CA – Physicians dedicate their lives to helping patients manage all aspects of their health, including their weight. Unfortunately, they do so at the expense of their own health and wellbeing. Constantly pressured to see more patients, always be on call, and operate on very little sleep, the physician’s selflessness often results in neglect for her own health. Doctors, of all people, often feel as if they are not in control of their own weight.

Dr. Siobhan Key, MD CCFP (EM)(PC)ABOM is helping doctors lose weight and keep that weight off for good through her personal coaching brand, Weight Solutions for Physicians. As both a practicing Obesity and Family physician and a certified life coach, Siobhan is uniquely positioned to coach physicians who struggle with weight gain. She is a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, and the recipient of the Dr. David Bachamp Silver Medal in Medicine Award 2006.

Through her physician-only Stress Eating SOS program, Siobhan helps doctors attack the issue at the source. Rather than resorting to an unsustainable diet or relying on pure willpower, physicians are instead taught to implement simple solutions that help manage stress and eliminate the desire to overeat or binge-eat. Throughout Dr. Key’s three-month group coaching program, physicians learn a variety of unique approaches and solutions that are never taught in medical school.

By the end of the program, each physician creates a weight loss and lifestyle plan that is tailored to her own body—one that is enjoyable, feasible, and sustainable. Equipped with the tools needed to effectively manage their weight, stress levels, and overall health, doctors are then able to maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle going forward.

“My approach in the program is helping physicians understand not just what they need to do to lose weight (doctors know this) but understand all the different reasons why it is difficult for them to stick to those healthy plans and why they sometimes feel out of control around food. When we understand the foundational causes of overeating, it becomes so much simpler to create solutions that don’t require a ton of willpower, fit into a super busy schedule, and actually last.”

In addition to her Stress Eating SOS program, Siobhan offers multiple resources that are designed to help doctors regain control of their weight and tackle the foundational causes of overeating head-on. Her weekly podcast, Weight Solutions for Physicians, is available on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast platforms.

Siobhan will be opening up enrollment to her January Stress Eating SOS program on January 18th. Join the invitation list by signing up here. For more information about Weight Solutions for Physicians and the resources that are offered, visit her website.

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