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The Global Pharmaceutical Mass Flow Controller Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecasting period (2022-2029)

Market Overview

Owing to the developing call for low drift price controlling gadgets for specific measurements. Increasing tendencies inside the laboratory & biomedical research quarter that calls for gasoline goes with the flow size underneath managed situations are predicted to power the mass float controller marketplace increase over the forecast duration.

The international pharmaceutical mass waft controller market is multiplying because of the growing need for the reliable and efficient dimensions of liquid and gasoline to go with the flow. There are many challenges faced with the aid of the pharmaceutical industry during the manufacturing of diverse merchandise. Hence, specific measurements are required to govern accuracy all through the production approaches.

By the usage of mass waft controllers, pharmaceutical groups have improved the accuracy and reliability of airflow measurement; progressed the overall performance of the air handling devices; and decreased installation and preservation fees. As the medical & Pharmaceutical marketplace is developing due to the growing growing older population, the mass float controller for the pharmaceutical industry is anticipated to develop with extra possibilities.

Current and Post-COVID-19 boom possibilities in prescription drugs and healthcare industries are the most important elements driving the boom of the prescribed drugs mass drift controller market. Mass go with the flow controllers play a crucial role within the high-quality manipulation of various forms of scientific gadgets, and numerous essential companies have grabbed the possibility to fight in opposition to the lethal coronavirus pandemic. For instance, RedySmart mass glide controllers of Sierra Instruments offer important gasoline flow manipulate systems for bioreactors to scale vaccines from lab to pilot to complete-scale production.


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Market Dynamics

The mass goes with the flow controller (MFC) is generally used in many bioprocessing structures to manipulate the drift of various gases into bioreactor chambers. Intelligent MFC era with virtual-based float-control talents can assist deliver more specific and versatile gas flow manipulate, more sophisticated evaluation, and resolution of procedure troubles, and can also help equip bioprocess scientists and engineers with facts that could result in advanced bioreactor overall performance. It plays an important position in maintaining bioreactor’s-managed surroundings and attaining the greatest cell growth.

Two essential factors that govern cell way of life yield are the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the bioreactor and the pH of the fermentation broth. For bioprocessing engineers, who attention to optimizing overall performance, controlling costs, and satisfying strict regulatory requirements MFCs provide a key tool for handling precise bioreactors in addition to normal bioprocessing machine overall performance, decreasing unscheduled downtime, and maximizing integrity tester and bioreactor uptime and yields. The mass float controller (MFC) has the software of bioreactors, consisting of fermenters, which might be for the manufacturing of bioethanol and different biofuels, pharmaceutical merchandise, quality chemical products, meals and beverages, and tissue boom. As dosing of Air, N2, O2 and CO2 into microbial and cellular cultivation is important.


Market Segmentation

By Product Type

l Thermal Flow Meter

l Differential Pressure Flow Meter

l Coriolis Mass Flow Meter


By Fluid

l Liquid

l Gas

l Solid


By Flow Rate

l High Flow Rate

l Low Flow Rate

l Medium Flow Rate


By Material

l Exotic Alloys

l Stainless Steel

l Others


By Region

l North America

l Europe

l South America

l Asia-Pacific

l Middle East and Africa


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Competitive Landscape

The pharmaceutical mass flow controller is a fragmented market with the presence of a large number of market players. The key players operating in the pharmaceuticals mass flow controller market include Azbil Corporation, Brooks Instrument, Bronkhorst, Burkert, Sierra Instrument, Vogtlin, Tokyo Keiso, Teledyne Hastings, Alicat Scientific, and Parker Hannifin.

These companies are launching new innovative solutions with advanced technologies. They are focused on providing efficient products to consumer industries to gain a competitive edge.

The key market players are adopting various strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, product approvals, and agreements to increase product reach and strengthen their product portfolios, to enter or expand their business offerings and competitiveness in the pharmaceutical mass flow controller market. For instance, In December 2020, Brooks Instrument added the GT1600 Series of glass tube variable area flow meters to its industry-leading family of variable area flow meter products. Suitable for a wide variety of industries from chemical manufacturing to pharmaceutical production to water treatment and distribution, the GT1600 is ideal for low- and high-flow gas and liquid applications where viewing the process is important. In October 2019, MKS Instruments launched next-generation C-series mass flow controllers, which use Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology combined with a fast-acting control valve and MKS proprietary algorithms resulting in an ultra-fast control time of fewer than 100 milliseconds.


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