Personal Training: One of 2022’s Post-Pandemic Fitness Trends

Although personal training is nothing new, it has unprecedented relevance in a post-pandemic world where health, socializing, and social media are at the forefront of our minds.

Valley Cottage, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 02/18/2022 — The start of the year is always a busy time in the fitness world. Those who regularly attend the gym are no strangers to the “New Year’s Resolution Rush,” when an influx of newcomers suddenly start using the facilities.

Come January, people are clearly keen to embrace healthier habits and repent for the self-indulgence of the holidays. Sadly, these crowds tend to have dropped off by February, though.

Why? Because motivation wanes as the responsibilities of everyday life kick in, meaning that many people abandon the fitness goals that they recently felt so passionately about pursuing.

One way to counteract this phenomenon is through embracing what is predicted to be a huge fitness trend of 2022: personal training. Personal training is nothing new, of course; however, it’s expected to become even more popular as this year progresses, and there are a few potential explanations for this.

One is that as COVID-19 restrictions have loosened up, people are keen to make working out a more sociable activity again. A significant proportion are tired of their at-home exercise routines and are ready to return to the gym.

Mint Lounge has recently reported an uptick in what is being described as “home workout fatigue”: the feeling of burnout that people are experiencing after spending almost 2 years exercising alone at home.

This is further evidenced by gyms that have noticed a decline in members opting for online classes over in-person equivalents. The most likely reason is that people are craving some variety from their fitness regime, and they have become bored of doing everything from working and socializing to exercising via a screen.

Since many of us are still working from home, meeting with a personal trainer at the gym could provide a welcome opportunity to leave the house, turn off technology, and become absorbed in a different activity.

There’s also the possibility that more people are aware of personal trainers now than they were before the pandemic, and this has led to an increase in interest as gyms return to normality.

After all, when lockdown measures were implemented, personal trainers were forced to rethink their approach in order to continue earning. Many turned to social media to build a platform and offer their services in new innovative ways, as reported by Frontiers research.

That means people who were not previously exposed to what personal trainers do could gain a familiarity with them and their work through social networks like Instagram.

There’s also a generational explanation for the growing popularity of personal training. In general, young adults have shown a preference toward products and services that are customized to meet their specific preferences and circumstances.

Generation Z also leans heavily toward services that provide fuller experiences, especially those that portray an aspirational lifestyle and so can be shared on social media. Personal training falls into this category since it’s tailored to the individual and commonly associated with successful celebrities.

During the pandemic, many celebrities shared how they were staying fit on social media, often referencing workouts designed by particular personal trainers. For example, Jessica Alba trained with coach Aaron Hines and shared some of the routines that he designed for her online.

Post-lockdown, people may be inspired to follow in their favorite celebrity’s footsteps by working out with their own personal trainer.

Of course, the most obvious explanation for an increased interest in personal training services is that it is an effective route to weight loss. The added accountability that personal training provides supports people to stick to their fitness regime, and with expert input they can design a lifestyle that’s healthy but realistic and so more easily sustained.

Weight loss is undoubtedly a priority for many post-pandemic. Recent studies have reported that on average people put on 2lbs every week that they were subject to stay-in-place measures, so 2022 may be the year that they intend to lose what they’ve gained, through personal training.

Beyond mere weight loss, COVID-19 is likely to have encouraged us to prioritize health so we invest more time and money in our bodies. This might explain why personal training is being widely reported as one of 2022’s predominant fitness trends.

It would make sense if people are more willing to commit to a personal training program and pursue optimal wellbeing levels after two years of international headlines focused on the deadly threat of physical illness.

Given these underlying factors, it’s perhaps unsurprising that personal training is predicted to be so popular in 2022.

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