Peopleguru Continues to Offer Specialized HR Software to the Cannabis Industry

Peopleguru is working to implement HR software solutions to meet the specific and changing needs in the cannabis industry.

Tampa, FL โ€“ Peopleguru has worked to become a leader in cannabis HR software by providing cutting edge and innovative solutions to this rapidly changing business model. The solutions created by the company are designed to accommodate the unique needs of this industry, especially as guidelines for the industry change.

Peopleguru provides HC software for many industries, including home health, manufacturing, retail, and senior care. Its HCM software for cannabis is leading the way in creating an efficient, all in one solution for those in the industry who need a specialized product or unique service.

The importance of a specific cannabis industry solution

The cannabis industry is facing challenges and changes every day. It can be nearly impossible for organizations to remain up to date on those changes, especially over time as they work to grow their business. Peopleguru offers a solution in a customized, modernized, and updated HCM software for cannabis businesses, including dispensaries that need a cutting edge solution for the way they operate.

The cannabis HR software offered by offers:

Tools to remain in compliance with the latest laws
Solutions for workforce trends in the cannabis industry
Best-in-class technology for delivering efficient HR solutions
Compliance services backed by a specialized team for the cannabis industry
Affordable solutions to manage all aspects of the company

โ€œCreating a customized solution for the cannabis industry is critical as it is so rapidly changing both in its development and its overall HR needs. At Peopleguru, we have created a comprehensive, all in one tool that allows cannabis dispensaries and other organizations to meet regulations, taxation, and HR requirements without having to struggle. We continue to focus on providing industry leading solutions that help businesses thrive and eliminate many of the frustrations they face on a routine basis,โ€ says Steven Cohen, the Chief Revenue Guru at Peopleguru.

Comprehensive service in one place

The solutions at Peopleguru can help provide cannabis industry leaders with the technology they need to operate a seamless operation. That includes providing dedicated compliance and administrative services that are necessary for managing a business.

The companyโ€™s compliance solutions that are a part of the HCM software for cannabis businesses are comprehensive and include everything from filing 941s and 940s to staying up to date on tax laws, compliance requirements, federal, state, and local deposits, and much more.

โ€œFor many businesses in the cannabis industry, now is the time for growth and development. Thereโ€™s a prime opportunity to open, expand, and grow. Yet, without the right cannabis HR software to help push the organization further ahead and to keep them on track without overstepping legal requirements, companies will struggle,โ€ says Mr. Cohen.

Implementation thatโ€™s hands-on

The client centric support offered by is what helps it to stand apart. The companyโ€™s continued effort to support the cannabis industry is opening doors for new opportunities. Whatโ€™s more, Peopleguru knows that many in this industry need help getting new systems in place. That is why it offers hands on implementation, including support through go-live solutions and a small transition.

HCM software for cannabis is cutting edge at Peopleguru. The company encourages those within the industry struggling or on the verge of complications within their human resources to reach out to them immediately for a consultation. Their continued support of cannabis HR software solutions uniquely qualifies Peopleguru to help organizations in this industry to do well.

For those interested in learning more about the cannabis HR software solutions available, contact the company today at their website:

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