People Personalize Space With Midwest Tropical’s High-End Bubble Wall Art

Midwest Tropical is the holy grail of bubble wall art. It is a company specializing in the creative design of water features and the execution of small or large installations in the public or private sphere, creating fascinating effects.

What makes a bubble wall art distinct?

Bubble wall art aims to provide an artistic value to any location and placement. This stylishly designed figurative water feature is a creative twist to the natural waterfall effect. The models and presentations vary at different times. For a high-end bubble wall, umpteen knowledge and skills are needed to develop it, whether lit or some design. It’s up to people to ask us for a custom water feature and Midwest will be more than happy to build it for people and their space.

In terms of structural aspects, the Bubble Wall Art’s main characteristics depend on the size and the support (a wall) and the compositional elements of what is represented. The “polyangular” is referred to the different “points of view” and “sizes” to field an elegant illustration of flowing water. 

Bubble wall art– Innovation at par

We have already spoken on other occasions about the importance of water features in decoration. Although until now, we have focused on water fountains as a means of decorating houses. Today, people will focus on perhaps the most recognized representation of water features: bubble wall art.

There are many possibilities for decorating with bubble wall art: One of the most characteristic is to place a large bubble wall to decorate the entry or a hallway. But we can also use it by the fireplace or on the floor in different sizes. Use small independent pieces or as a triptych in any area. 

If placed near the staircase, the bubble wall art can even provide a special effect. Although in these cases, it must be well protected to protect it from humidity or smoke and odors. And you can even try to place it by the doorway for an impressive effect.

As with bubble wall art, what must be taken into account is that the effect is so powerful that it will become the area’s focus. So we should tend to use fixtures in neutral tones that do not divert the look. We can add predominant colors to give uniformity to the space.

As for styles, you can combine classic bubble wall art models with a very contemporary interior, and the effect will be spectacular. Use nonfigurative bubble walls with one or two predominant tones that help to decorate all in one.

Finally, people can also leave the bubble wall art in a thin or thick decorative frame and protect it with glass. However, be careful in this case with reflections and glare. Try not to place it right in front of a direct source of light). 

Still in short of inspirations?

In case you need inspiration, we at Midwest Tropical are passionate about the tasteful world of water features. Get in touch to discover our high-end range of Bubble walls, wall art, aquariums, and even traditional indoor water features. We build and install for you with our guaranteed outlook and customer satisfaction.

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