In the past decade, PDFs have become a common social document format and received by countless people’s favor. PDF can become a mainstream format is not a coincidence but an inevitable phenomenon. Difficult and powerful compatibility and stability are the important factors driving its popularity. But the privacy and fidelity of PDFs also bring a lot of trouble for everyone, the most significant is that the content can not be edited to modify.

Because of this, Word and PDF formats have never ceased to compete. Although Word’s compatibility is not as good as PDF, it is easy to edit, and document users can be more efficient to complete the document changes. For this reason, much third-party software is provided to convert PDF to Word services. So, if you want to edit, modify, or even delete the PDF, you need to complete the conversion of the format before you can achieve it. Even with such relatively complex operations, many software is also required to pay to use.

PDFgear to serve all users as the purpose of PDFgear, at this time, launched a new and very groundbreaking feature – lets you edit PDFs in the Word way. Sean Wu, the founder, and CEO of PDFgear, declared: “PDFgear is here to better serve all people with practical solutions to PDF-related problems and will make great efforts to become the world’s trusted, free and reliable program, and we will continue to listen to all users’ opinions and suggestions with open ears, using them as bricks to push us forward to improve and update PDFgear. I believe we will be able to stand out in the boom of solving PDF problems.”

Their R&D team searched for the great demand of people who want to edit PDFs directly in their research and started to plan this feature into their future goals as a user-friendly program. And after continuous efforts and testing, editing PDF in Word way, this feature finally came out.

The new feature of PDFgear has made it possible to edit PDFs directly. This is not only a technical breakthrough but is great progress. And eliminating the need for two format conversions has also improved the efficiency of everyone’s work.

If you have this need, you can first download a PDFgear desktop program to explore this editing tool together.

PDFgear’s biggest advantage is its simple logic and user-friendly interface. In the “Edit Text” button under the clear prompt, you can quickly enter the editing mode, and exit only according to the “Exit editing” instructions to operate.

– Font Editing: As the function says, editing PDF content like Word, bold and italic text is achieved with the help of PDFgear. More than two hundred optional font styles make your PDF more attractive and unique. For a different focus on the text content, marked into different colors can be better distinguished and highlighted. For the choice of colors, PDFgear also built-in color plate, according to the preferences of all users can customize the color. The font size of course needs to be changed according to different article titles.

– Delete/Add Text: As we know, Word allows us to delete or add words at will to streamline or supplement the content. And PDF in this regard becomes very inconvenient. However, PDFgear’s latest feature gives this convenience. Move the cursor to any location, following the way to edit Word documents can operate all the contents of the PDF. This makes PDF one of the best PDF editors.

– Moving Paragraphs: Unlike the display effect of Word, PDFgear will automatically divide the content of PDF files into different panels for users to edit. Therefore, you can easily drag the mouse to move the different paragraphs framed by squares to any position you want to fix.

– Copy and Paste: Copy and paste in PDF is no longer a difficult task. In the latest version of PDFgear’s edit mode, any text, statements, and paragraphs in a PDF file can be copied and pasted, even in scanned versions of PDFs.

– Ask for Help: PDFgear provides two ways for users to get help. The “Contact us” window provides direct access to their user support team. A Guide page has been set up on their website to provide various solutions.

Besides, PDFgear also has other powerful features.

– Format Conversion: PDFgear can meet almost all your daily needs for converting between file formats, such as Word, Excel, JPG, PPT, EPUB, HTML, PNG, and HEIC… The lossless and fast conversion attracts more people.

– File Compression: three modes of compression allow you to face the choice intuitively. Low compression with high-quality and larger file size, Medium compression with high-quality and medium file size (most people’s choice), Low compression with high-quality and larger file size, Medium compression with high-quality and medium file size (most people’s choice), Strong compression with less-quality and smallest file size.

– Editing Features: PDFgear is an all-in-one PDF processing tool that integrates editing, compression, merging, splitting, cropping, scanning, rearranging PDF, etc. Both online and offline options are available. And even as a free PDF editor, PDFgear does not have restrictions on file size and the number of files, because whether you need to batch process or complete the processing of large files, it is easy to achieve in PDFgear.

– Other Features: Protecting and unlocking PDFs is also a strong competitive point that makes PDFgear stand out. Sharing and comparing PDFs makes PDFgear a small name in review circles as well. Signing PDFs can effectively enable electronic contract transactions. Adding watermarks and seals can effectively prevent PDFs from being arbitrarily tampered with and stolen.

PDFgear can gain numerous fans not only because of these features but also because of its secure and reliable privacy protection policy. PDFgear considers its users’ privacy security extremely important. Under the TLS and SSL encryption protection mechanism, personal information and file data are permanently deleted when the program is terminated or the browser is exited.

PDFgear team has been committed to meeting a large number of needs of users around the world, providing quality and reliable document processing solutions for all. The PDFgear team has been working hard to meet the huge demand from users all over the world to provide quality and reliable document processing solutions for everyone, and has finally broken through this huge barrier with the unremitting efforts of everyone – supports editing PDF doc in Word way. PDFgear will continue to be a completely free service to help users all over the world.

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