Payment policies

Instant research


Instant research projects are to be paid in full at the time of placing an order.

Instant research cancellation & refunds

For instant research, full refunds are only applicable if we failed to provide data or other deliverables within the specified timeframe. In case you ordered by accident, we will be able to refund 75% of your order price.

Unfeasible research configurations

Should your research configuration fail to be feasible, you will be able to configure a new research for the same price. In this case, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Custom research

Clients need to agree the following payment policies before starting any research:

  • Custom research projects are billed after the report delivery
  • Invoices below $2,000* are due on receipt
  • Invoices below $2,000* can be paid via PayPal or credit card
  • Invoices above $2,000* are due in 15 days from receipt
  • Invoices above $2,000* can be paid via bank transfer
  • Failure to settle the invoice might result in legal actions

*Or equivalent in other currencies

Custom research cancellation & refunds

Refunds request are only considered if we failed to provide data or other deliverables in the pre-agreed timeframe. Cancellation is possible during the research timeframe at 50% of the full project price. The remaining 50% will be billed at the time of cancellation with the above listed conditions.

Your liability

By requesting to proceed with the research, you will be liable to pay any fees specified in the project proposal from the time of receiving the pre-agreed deliverables. Significantly overdue invoices will be handed over to our factoring partner.