Passionate Basketball Player David Dumay Set to Conquer New Territories

Talented basketball player, David Dumay, continues in his pursuit of bringing the best of basketball to the world as he seeks a professional contract

The passion of David Dumay for basketball can be felt from a million miles away and the Tampa, FL native is not resting on his oars as he seeks to become a role model to millions of youths across the globe even as he continues to pursue a professional contract.

“I have already participated in many community events for the youth of Sarasota with the Gulf Coast Lions. I love giving back to the community and sharing my passion with anyone who loves basketball, especially the youth who may see me as a role model. I seek to officially sign and play basketball professionally and I will keep striving for this. My mantra since high school has always been “Trust the process.” Because consistency is key.”

Basketball remains one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of people across the globe following the exciting game for the thrills it brings while supporting their favorite team or player as the case may be. While some players have had it relatively easy to break out and make it big, others have not been particularly fortunate. Such is the case of David Dumay, who has defied all odds to pursue his passion to become a professional athlete.

David started playing basketball at the age of 4. Challenges such as life-threatening illnesses, the demise of his father, and other pivotal moments in his life, including putting bread on the table, almost deterred him from following his passion. However, these obstacles seem to have spurred David to do more, going ahead to train with semi-pro teams in the ABA such as ‘Team Yessuh’ and ‘Sarasota Manatees’ as well as professional basketball teams in the TBL, including ‘Sarasota Gulf Coast Lions.’ David is currently in training camp with the Gulf Coast Lions, participating in several community events for the youth, and was recently posted on the TBL Instagram.

For further information about David Dumay and his exploits on and off the basketball court, visit his Instagram page where he continues to grow his fan base.

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