Parenting in a Pandemic a Parent’s Guide to All the Roles We Have to Play in the Era of Covid-19

Parenting in a Pandemic: A Parent’s Guide to All the Roles We Have to Play in the Era of COVID-19
– Liz Bayardelle, Ph.D.

While goal setting isn’t necessarily the first thing you would think of when you mention parenting, it really does encapsulate the job quite well if you think about it…You have a goal for your kids to be smart and get good grades, so you help them study…You have a goal for them to be healthy, so you cook…you try to get them into sports…and you fight round after round of Mom versus the iPad when you’d rather just let them go into the ‘drone zone’ to give yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet. Parenting is all about setting goals.
– excerpt from Parenting in a Pandemic

Before the pandemic, teachers were in charge of education, coaches were at the helm for physical activity, and friends helped our little ones with socialization. On a good day, parents dealt with sleep deprivation and a never-ending to-do list of cleaning, feeding, and entertaining. Everyone knows parenting is hard, but no one ever imagined it becoming COVID-hard.

This book dives into the various hats parents have to wear in this new normal. It offers tips and tricks for handling any and all obstacles when parents are at their wit’s end and the hits just keep on coming.

Liz Bayardelle has spoken to the experts to collect the best advice on the new roles parents have to learn on the fly, including being a:

• Triage nurse – safeguarding the health of your family

• Personal trainer – keeping your kids healthy and active

• Therapist – helping them cope with this stressful new world

• Teacher – stimulating their minds and getting them excited about learning, and

• Project Manager – making sure all of the roles above are accounted for and under control.

A humorous and practical guide to tackling the Sisyphean task of being everything our kids need all at once.

Liz Bayardelle is the happily sleep-deprived mom of a baby boy (and professional raccoon noise impersonator), a sparkle-clad toddlernado, a teenage stepdaughter, two large and bumbling dogs, and a rabbit of unusual size. During nights and naptimes, she uses her Ph.D. in business psychology as an author, a freelance digital consultant, and the co-founder of three different companies with her very patient (and equally exhausted) husband. She is also the author of the award-winning book, Clean Your Plate.

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