PapersHive, a Swedish start-up offering a revolutionary way to simplify biomedical research, and Outbound Pharma LLC, a lead generation company specializing in life sciences, today announced the start of a strategic collaboration to support PapersHive’s commercial growth following the launch of the platform, PapersHive 2.0. The commercial partnership will allow PapersHive to further expand its presence in the US and Europe, and will enable the start-up to reach out to more pharma and medtech clients.

PapersHive was launched in 2022 with one goal in mind: to help drug safety officers, regulatory affairs experts, and biomedical specialists as a whole simplify and speed up medical information structuring without wasting time jumping around multiple platforms and inefficient search processes. With an overwhelming number of search engines and reference managers available in the market, biomedical specialists often face the challenge of having to use multiple search tools so that they do not miss out any important evidence, due to the lack of comprehensiveness of each platform. PapersHive aims to address these challenges by providing life science specialists with a single point of entry for all scientific evidence, streamlining the literature search process, reference management, and MedTech analytics.

Since its launch, PapersHive has received positive feedback from customers, reportedly

confirming that they were able to save up to 80% of time when performing routine activities such as browsing medical databases, downloading references, removing duplicates, structuring data, writing reports and synchronizing with teams. The search engine offers a quick way to scout for trends and remove irrelevant literature, while also offering a reference manager behind the scenes to unify the research process, iterations with literature, and the management of citations.

“I am thrilled about our new partnership with PapersHive, and we are pleased to support PapersHive’s growth and expansion into the US and EU biopharmaceutical markets,” said Claudio Rota, Ph.D., Managing Director of Outbound Pharma. “We feel that PapersHive is a truly remarkable platform with superior functionalities when compared to existing ones. It is very simple to use and extremely powerful, so we are confident that it will be a very successful partnership”.

“Outbound Pharma has proven to understand our customers’ problems, vision and mission. We are sure that together we can generate a higher value for all stakeholders involved.” – Matteo Ghetti, Co-Founder of PapersHive.

The collaboration between PapersHive and Outbound Pharma will bring together their respective strengths and expertise to facilitate lead generation and fuel the growth of PapersHive in the highly competitive US and European markets. The partnership aims to propel PapersHive as the go-to platform for biomedical specialists, further revolutionizing the way the drug-to-market journey is conducted in the industry.

About PapersHive:

PapersHive is a Swedish start-up that simplifies and speeds up biomedical drug-to-market journey through a comprehensive and transparent search engine. The platform serves as a single point of entry for all medical evidence, providing life science specialists with the tools they need to simplify literature searches, scout for adverse events, manage citations, and streamline the drug-to-market process.

About Outbound Pharma:

Outbound Pharma LLC is a US-based consultancy specializing in life sciences. With expertise in lead generation and appointment setting, Outbound Pharma supports innovative companies like PapersHive in expanding their reach and market presence through targeted sales campaigns and in-depth industry knowledge. 

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