Palm Beach Pretoria Mints 35,000 NFTs of Its Artificial Beach Resort, Offering Lifelong Access and Exclusive Perks

Palm Beach Pretoria Pty Ltd has proposed a Multi-Luxurious, Artificial Beach Resort, expected to be launched by 2025, and is offering NFTs to early adopters with lifetime access.

Palm Beach Pretoria, a luxury artificial beachfront resort and spa in South Africa, is set to launch in 2025 and aims to be the largest Recreational Artificial Beach and Ocean Aquarium in Africa. The project will encompass a myriad of amenities, including 20,000 indoor concert arenas, 300 Beach Front Luxury 5 Star Accommodation, World Class Food Court, 35,000 Secured Parking, the Largest P2E Games in the world, and Artificial Surfing plus Wave Beach, to name a few. 

Since the project is in its early developmental stages, its offering NFTs to raise investment and will offer several exclusive perks to the owners. The Palm Beach Pretoria Resort will also house over 500 residential developments with exquisite landscaping and a state-of-the-art security system. To ensure the project is completed by the set deadline, the company is generating further funds and using NFT as one of the ways to do so. The NFT owners will get a lifetime membership to the resort with a 7 days’ booking notice. Furthermore, they’ll get a 3-day free accommodation every year in its luxurious deluxe rooms. 

The company will also offer free access to amenities like the Palm Beach Pretoria Ocean Aquarium, 3 VIP Concert Access per Annum, Palm Beach Pretoria World Class Food Court Access, and Dancing Fountain Arena Shows. The most important benefit NFT owners will get is the growth in the value of their NFT assets with the increase in the resort’s popularity. Anyone interested in learning more about the Palm Beach Pretoria resort or getting their NFT tickets can visit their websites at and

Media Contact
Company Name: Palm Beach Pretoria Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Alo A.A
Email: Send Email
Phone: +27124336398
Address:3rd Floor Steven House, Brooklyn Bridge Office Park, 570 Fehrsen Street
City: Pretoria, 0181
State: Gauteng
Country: South Africa

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