Innovative computer eyewear company, Palito Vision, update their collection of products to help with digital eyestrain

The team at Palito Vision is staying true to their goal of reducing the incidence of eye defects resulting from spending long hours using digital devices, as the eyewear company recently added to their collection of blue blocker glasses. The company is fast becoming a leading brand in the eyewear market, offering different styles of glasses to meet the growing and diverse needs of creative workers, entrepreneurs, photographers, gaming enthusiasts, and other users of computers and similar devices.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for blue-light-blocking glasses in recent times as more people seek protection from blue light emitted by cell phones, televisions, and computers. With blue lights identified to cause the interruption of sleep-wake cycles and headaches, people have turned to anti-glare glasses as a preventive measure. Unfortunately, with the plethora of products currently on the market, it can be sometimes difficult for people to make the right choice of blue light screen glasses. However, Palito Vision has eased the process with their range of premium quality products made with high-quality materials to deliver the desired results.

Palito Vision has an extensive collection of glasses, with the inventory constantly updated to deliver the latest styles and trends to ensure that customers are protected from the risk of getting Digital Eye Fatigue Syndrome (DEFS) while staying fashionable. The collections from the eyewear company include Designer, Entrepreneur, Pinky, Chevron Metal, Cartier Chroma, Cartier Melanin, Cartier Black Panther, and Life Of Photographer as well as the recently added Brenta, Bellavita, and Lucca.

The comprehensiveness of the products offered by Palito Vision and the unique combination of quality and relative affordability continues to endear the brand to shoppers.

For more information about Palito Vision and the products from the company, visit – Palito Vision can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Instagram.

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