Digital art and tattoo art share something in common: Both have been underappreciated by gatekeepers of the traditional art market. Crypto-art pioneers already helped elevate digital works by decentralizing curation and fueling the emergence of NFTs.

Vlada Lenska is on a mission to make a permanent mark in the NFT Space. The Painter & Tattoo master is launching an NFT collection of Ukrainian tattoo art. The new tattoo NFT collections will treat tattoo designs and paints like digital art. For example, each authenticated piece of design can be traded or passed down. In addition, the NFT holder has exclusive rights to the design including the right to have the tattoo and paint used at any time.

As technology evolves, so do the means for solving the problem, and it won’t need to be a drastic change in one week, it will begin to increasingly affect our world even in the smallest ways we can think.

Vlada Lenska, a Germany-based painter and tattoo master with initiative to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian, she recognizes the Ukrainians struggle. The collections are in support of the people of Ukraine, and the collections has seven items presently which can grow quickly in a very short time. 100% of the primary sale will go towards relief efforts in Ukraine. All royalties from secondary sales will go towards those same efforts, supporting charity in Ukraine.

“NFTs represent a new beginning for the animation industry and opens up endless possibilities for creators to retain control of their work and their fans to participate in the process.” The collection will be made available to members of the public. Purchase of an NFT allows members of a closed group access to exclusive utilities and benefits tailored to the community, the entire collection is drawn with class and trait rarities, setting the table for a better future for the Ukrainians.

For more information about the sale and specifics on the release date, as well as future announcements, please visit at:

For more information about Vlada Lenska, visit her Instagram page at:

“All profits will be donated to save lives of Ukrainians.”

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