Pacific Sleep Care Offers CPAP Therapy on Vancouver Island

A woman undergoing CPAP therapy
Pacific Sleep Care is a sleep clinic on Vancouver Island that provides quality machines to those who need to undergo CPAP therapy. Read the press release here.

Located on Vancouver Island, Pacific Sleep Care is a sleep clinic that works with physicians to help diagnose and treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The clinic provides quality machines to those prescribed to undergo CPAP therapy

CPAP Therapy for People With OSA

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy was first introduced in the 1980s and has become the primary treatment option for obstructive sleep apnea. 

CPAP therapy involves using a small bedside CPAP machine that delivers a prescribed amount of pressure through a nasal mask worn during sleep. The continuous airflow keeps the upper airways open, preventing apnea from occurring.

Over the years, the technology has advanced, so CPAP machines have become smaller, quieter, and smarter. Some CPAP machines even offer additional portability options and additional features, such as optimal humidification & climate control.

CPAP Machines Supplied by Pacific Sleep Care

Pacific Sleep Care offers three different CPAP machines to suit the specific needs of patients with OSA:

Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines: These machines can provide a continuous set level of air pressure to users throughout the night.
Auto CPAP Machines: A CPAP machine automatically adjusts the amount of airflow throughout the night depending on the user’s needs. Once it detects changes to the user’s breathing pattern, it will calculate the pressure amount to keep the airways open. Equipped with automatic settings, this machine can prevent airway collapse and reduce sleep disruptions. 
BiPAP Machines: These machines have different pressure settings for inhaling and exhaling air. Compared to CPAP machines, BiPAP equipment delivers higher air pressure when the users breathe in, making it easier to breathe out. 

Treatment Optimization Period

Pacific Sleep Care goes the extra mile by offering a treatment optimization period. Whether you’re diagnosed with mild sleep apnea or severe OSA, the clinic will provide you with a trial CPAP machine at no cost. The clinic’s registered respiratory therapist will work closely with you to optimize your CPAP therapy. They’ll check whether the pressure settings are correct or if the mask properly fits you.

Once the treatment optimization period is done, you will be more familiar with the machine, mask, and other CPAP supplies that best suit your condition. You can then purchase a top-rated CPAP machine at one of Pacific Sleep Care’s locations on Vancouver Island. 

Committed to delivering the highest standard of professional care, Pacific Sleep Care has helped hundreds of people manage their OSA and sleep better at night. 

About Pacific Sleep Care

Pacific Sleep Care is a small, locally-owned sleep apnea clinic with locations in Campbell River, Duncan, Courtenay, and Nanaimo. The team consists of registered respiratory therapists, qualified polysomnographic technicians, and other sleep professionals. Every day, the clinic strives hard to provide warm and professional environments for sleep apnea testing and treatment. Over the years, the clinic has helped many people restore healthy sleep patterns and boost their quality of life. 

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