Overcoming Seemingly Impossible Challenges by Ken J

CINCINNATI, Ohio – We all face hardship, the thought of losing our sight is a horrifying possibility. Despite facing immense difficulties as a result of vision loss, some truly amazing people in the world have overcome their disabilities to achieve amazing things. “The Blind Ninja” highlights the life of a remarkable woman.

Written by author Ken J., “The Blind Ninja” is a moving inspirational story of Hayley Marie Ross, a blind gymnast who discusses her achievements and her love for sports without being hindered by her blindness.

Hayley has spent her life overcoming seemingly impossible challenges to become the most accomplished individual. She turned her everyday struggles into everyday greatness.

Living in a world of darkness, Hayley became the first-ever blind ninja, a black-belt who needlessly kicked men in their privates and messed them up bad. Entering the world of the movies, she reinvented herself to find out what she can do in the world of darkness, highlighting that you don’t have to have perfect sight to have a vision.

Hayley Ross is an epitome of a heroine who continues to break down barriers, from a promising career in gymnastics, to being a lawyer and an actress.  Ken J‘s book reflects the well-lived life of Hayley, how she overcome her disability, the adversities that followed, and how she managed to live a happy life despite everything she’d been through. May this book inspire others that they can find comfort and peace.

“The Blind Ninja”
By Ken J
Kindle | $3.99 | 978-1-68486-086-9
Paperback | $12.00 | 978-1-68486-084-5
Hardcover | $20.00 | 978-1-68486-085-2
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About the Author

Ken Jackson (Ken J) likes to travel and loves photography. He enjoys cooking and loves exercising to stay fit.

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