Baking and home cooking have been rising since the pandemic’s beginning. People are getting back to making things themselves and saving trips to the restaurant for more special occasions. One of the emerging trends is the bombardment of the air fryer for its health aspects. However, there are better options.

Ovens come in a broader range than ever before, convection to conventional, with fans and steam; these days, there is an app for that.

First up, there’s the traditional oven that almost everyone is familiar with. Conventional ovens are found in most homes, either in gas or electric form. These ovens work by heating from the bottom heating element to warm the air inside the range and bake what’s inside. The top element is a broiler and is suitable for making steaks or even toast. Conventional electric ovens use a heating element resistor to create heat, while gas ovens have burners. These ovens both work about the same and have been the tried and true of most kitchens for decades.

Gas ovens are faster because the burners create heat immediately. Whereas electric has an element to heat up and then heat the air. However, working with gas can take some practice. When gas combusts, it leaves humidity which can impact baking bread or getting crispy oven fries.

The air fryer’s popularity is due to its ability to get food crispy. But in actuality, air fryers are just small countertop convection ovens.

A convection oven is perfect for the most avid home bakers. They’re similar to a conventional electric oven in build but have a fan to keep the hot air moving around. This makes things cook faster and get crispier. The newer models will be a standard electrical oven with a convection baking and roasting setting. This allows the fan to be used or not as necessary.

Steam ovens and smart ovens are the newest kids on the block for baking in the kitchen. Steam ovens used to be primarily for industrial kitchens. They’re gaining popularity in the home because they offer a healthy way to cook. Steam ovens allow for the optional use of oils and seriously speed up the process. Cutting a cook time down from twenty mins to five to eight minutes. Newer steam ovens have also got a convection setting and a broiler.

Like most “smart appliances,” smart ovens are wifi enabled and connect to a phone or tablet through an app. These appliances can give the ability to do things like preheating the oven from another room or even recommend times and temperatures. These smart ovens come in all different options, including newer steam models.

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