Oven Adventure Now Providing Free Recipes and Cooking Guides

Baking is helping people to relax and reduce stress with Oven Adventure recipes and guides.
Oven Adventure is Expanding to Offer Guides to Fusion Cuisine as Pandemic Lockdowns Spurs a Growth in the Popularity of Home Cooking.

South Africa – 9th February, 2022 – Cooking at home is one good habit formed during the pandemic that still persists.  A survey in the USA found that 43% were going to cook more after things got back to normal. Another survey conducted in Ireland, Great Britain, the US, and New Zealand questioned 2,360 adults and found a dramatic increase in home-cooking.  In response, Oven Adventure is expanding the repertoire of cooking guides and recipes freely available on their website.

Lebogang Phoshoko, the owner and creator of Oven Adventure, is eager to help new cooks to discover the joys of cooking and baking.  During the pandemic, recipes for sourdough bread, banana bread, pizza dough and brownies were among the most searched for as we rediscovered the joys of baking. Oven Adventure already has baking guides for beginners and is planning to release guides for more complex baking.

Several recent studies have shown that baking helps with mental health, so it’s no surprise that the hashtag for stress baking has been viral over the last couple of years.  A study published in April 2018 found that engaging in activities such as cooking, baking, and gardening resulted in positive well-being.  The benefits of baking work in several different ways.  There is the gratification of producing something tangible and also the satisfaction from having control over something.  Baking requires focus, and following precise steps helps to anchor the baker in the present.  All these factors help us cope with the anxieties caused by things outside our control, such as the pandemic.  

Other studies have shown that practising simple creative acts regularly and repetitive behaviours and rituals reduce stress and anxiety.  Kneading bread, in particular, can be soothing and meditative.  Icing cakes and biscuits also provide an artistic outlet.

Another positive of baking is that the result fills your kitchen with delicious smells.  Humans have over six million odour detecting cells in our noses, making smell one of our most sensitive senses.  A survey found that 89 per cent of people said the smell of bread made them happy, with 63 per cent saying it evoked happy memories. Smells are processed by the olfactory bulb, which directly connects the two brain areas involved with emotion and memory.  The smell of chocolate cookies and cake can also boost our mood.  It’s not just our emotions that are affected by the pleasant smell of baking; scientists have found that aromas can relax our muscles and calm our heart rate.

In today’s technological age, baking can also increase positive social interactions.  Online groups, hashtags and Instagram posts are full of people sharing their culinary successes and failures.  

Lebogang is looking forward to sharing his love of fusion cooking with Oven Adventure’s visitors. Fusion cuisine refers to the modern trend of mixing the recipes from different places and cultures to make new, hybrid dishes.  Lebogang is based in South Africa, which is at the forefront of the Afro-Fusion scene. Mixing the long heritage of traditional African recipes with ingredients and techniques from other parts of the globe produces innovative and delicious results.  Most traditional African cuisine is plant-based, making it appealing to vegetarians and vegans.  There are 54 countries in Africa, each with its own regional specialities, giving plenty of recipes to experiment with.

Every cook needs some gadgets, and Oven Adventures also has guides and reviews of the latest kitchen technology including the excellent Ankarsrum Mixer.  As life returns to normal, home cooks continue to enjoy their achievements in their kitchens.  Not only are they producing delicious food they can share with family and friends, but they are also benefitting from the stress-reducing effects of cooking.  Lebogang is happy to share his culinary knowledge on Oven Adventure to help home cooks discover new dishes and cooking methods.

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