Our Team at New Orleans Tree Care & Removal Service Offers Winter Tree Maintenance

New Orleans, LA — (ReleaseWire) — 02/04/2022 — Not many people think about proper tree care and maintenance during the winter months for obvious reasons. Yes, we tend to stay pretty warm and humid here in the deep south during the months of December to March, but our trees still go through the same life cycles as trees in the northern states.

An excellent resource for making sure your trees stay healthy and well during the winter is New Orleans Tree Care and Removal Service. The arborists at this company are seasoned, hardworking, and have a plan for all types of trees and bushes during the winter season.

The most common tree that we see here in Louisiana is the wispy cypress. These fragrant trees that sway gently in the breeze have robust trunks and branches but require a certain level of maintenance to ensure they stay healthy throughout the winter.

Things like tree pruning and trimming are essential components of tree care in New Orleans, significantly when the temperature dips a little bit. As we know, down here in the south, the temp doesn’t go down too low, but even a few degrees change the temperature of the soil and causes a tree’s environment to evolve.

Zach Potter, owner of New Orleans Tree Care and Removal Service, had this to say, “The most critical ways to keep trees healthy during the winter are from disease management, weather prep, and pruning. If you want your trees to look great and make it through the winter, it’s important to have a licensed arborist carry out those tasks.”

It’s important to know that during the dormant season pruning your trees results in a decreased possibility of disease when spring and summer come rolling back around. Tree diseases are very hard to combat once they take hold, and they tend to spread very quickly. So it only makes sense to take precautions so that they don’t form in the first place.

During winter maintenance, the company is very big on weather prep, which involves removing weak or damaged branches. The arborists do that to make the limbs stronger during severe winter weather. Now, granted, we don’t see snow in LA, but we do have an increase in tropical storms, heavy rains, and strong winds.

Teddy Charles, an arborist, employed by New Orleans Tree Removal, had this to say about winter weather prep, “The last thing we want to see is beautiful trees on a customer’s landscape topple over due to weak spots. We can avoid that from happening through professional winter weather maintenance measures such as pruning, trimming, and cutting trees branches before the harsher season strikes.”

When we spoke with some of the other arborists employed by Zach Potter’s company, However, they all agreed that pruning trees during the dormant seasons open them up to more sunlight. Not only is sunlight great for trees and shrubs, but it is also suitable for the grass. When trees cast too much shade over grass, plants, and flowers, they can deplete the foliage of vital nutrients.

Have you had a tree that suffered some damages during the spring, summer, or fall? The company says that winter weather prep promotes healing and ensures the tree will flourish once the weather warms up again. That’s just another reason to have professional tree trimming services in New Orleans during December, January, and February.

Mr. Potter’s company is known for spreading education and awareness on winter tree maintenance and all-season tree and shrub care. The company was invited to speak at a local elementary school detailing how to keep trees safe and secure during the winter. The children and staff alike both had lots of questions for Zach and his team of experienced arborists. Each child was given a sapling to plant at their homes as a gift from the company.

It’s great knowing that an entire classroom of kids now has the tools to perform primary care on trees with their parents during the winter months. However, it is stressed that the more invasive maintenance measures like pruning and trimming, and branch cutting are best left up to Zach Potter and his team.

Did you know that improper timing of a tree’s pruning can encourage complications? Those complications can lead to hazards to not only your own landscape but also to your nearby neighbor’s property. Therefore, it’s essential to hire a company like New Orleans Tree Care and Removal Service to ensure the proper measures are taken. After all, the goal is to have a safe and healthy landscape come springtime, right?

If you have a tree pruning or branch removal need in New Orleans, Zach Potter and his crew can have a solution. Call the company at (504) 608-7900 for more information about winter tree care services.

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