Our Lansing Tree Service Company Educates the Community on Tree Care During Winter Months

Lansing, MI — (ReleaseWire) — 02/16/2022 — When Old Man Winter rears his ugly head in Michigan, things can get out of control for your trees and shrubs pretty quickly. However, the good news is companies like Lansing Tree Trimming & Removal Service have solutions for protecting your foliage throughout the winter months.

One of the most crucial tree services in Lansing, MI, that the company has to offer is education on plant winterization. Any native Michigander knows that without the proper precautions, certain trees and shrubs are at risk of dying or, at the very least, being damaged when the snow and ice begin to fly.

Taking steps to keep trees protected during the winter is key to their survival. Chris Tyson, owner, and CEO of Lansing Tree Service, offers various tips to residents in cold climates. He believes that with a bit of help from a professional, Michiganders can make sure their trees continue to thrive.

Chris and his crew love sharing knowledge with their customers during tree services. They also welcome anyone to stop by the office for educational handouts and chat about the proper winter protocols for shrubs, bushes, and trees.

“Many people think that robust evergreens that are seen in Michigan can remain perfectly fine without weatherizing during the winter, and that’s not always the case. There are things that can and should be done to protect trees from frostbite. It’s the same concept as a human wearing gloves when he goes outside as the temperatures drop”, mentioned Chris Tyson.

The tree removal company in Lansing says that keeping the soil evenly moistened throughout the growing season makes it less subject to frost penetration than drier soil. By doing that, the tree or shrubs will have deeper, more robust root growth, which protects them during the cold winter season.

Anything tidbit of information that Ed Beaman, an arborist on staff at Lansing Tree Service, had to give was to keep in mind the location of your trees. “If you’re planting new bushes and trees, it is best to place them in protected locations of your landscape. For example, you’d never want to plant trees and shrubs too close to the street because, during winter, they’ll be sprayed by saltwater that is splashed up from traffic whizzing by. However, if you must plant close to the road, always cover the bushes and small trees with burlap covering to protect them.”

This year, Chris Tyson and his crew were invited to speak about winter tree care at a local Lansing high school. The class of students that they addressed was interested in becoming arborists and botanists. Mrs. Sellers, a ninth-grade teacher, has this to say, “Mr. Tyson and a few of his staff did a wonderful job educating the class and myself on how to better care for trees during Michigan’s harsh winter season. We learned many things that I am applying to my own landscape. It was great that the team was willing to not only speak to the students but take their questions after the lecture”.

When asked about the most significant injury seen to trees during the winter months, the company said that it would have to be sunscald. “Sunscald typically happens to thin-barked trees on cold, sunny, winter days. First, the bark heats up to the point that cambial activity resumes, then the temperature of the bark drops rapidly when the sun is blocked by a barrier, which results in tissue death due to the sudden decrease in temperature,” lamented Chris Tyson. He went on to say that sunscald can be avoided by wrapping the tree in a special material, applying tree guards, or even painting the trunk of the tree with anti-reflective paint.

Lansing Tree Service has witnessed too many cases of tree death due to poor winterization and wants to teach the general public how they can prevent that from happening. It’s important to preserve the integrity of the landscape during October through March if you want to see minimal damages when spring approaches. The fall months are included because winter-like weather patterns often begin at the end of September in The Mitten State.

All potential customers are invited to visit the company’s frequently updated blog space to learn more about winter tree and shrub care. You can also call the office at (517) 790-0660 to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation or to get a packet on winter tree care.

The arborists on Chris’ team understand that winterizing bushes and trees can seem overwhelming at first, but once a homeowner has the resources and understanding, the process becomes quite easy.

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