Only Know GTRACING? Victorage Gaming Chair Should Be a Better Choice.

Victorage 2022 new gaming chair

If talk about the gaming chairs, many people may mention GTRACING, as its cheap price attracts much more attention. However, there is another popular gaming chair brand which came into Japan lately, that is Victorage. Victorage gaming chair sells in the USA before, and to meet more fans globally, they choose Japan as their first destination in 2022 and Europe will be the second.

If compare GTRACING with Victorage gaming chair, it’s easy to find many differences. The hot seller of GTRACING GT099 just features PVC leather, butterfly mechanism, class 3 gas lift and nylon base. That’s what can be seen from the appearance. When it comes to the internal material, it’s metal frame and flake sponge, using glue to stick them together.

If there is one thing Victorage has, it’s high quality. The reliable craftsmanship is visible through the sleek premium PU leather and high-quality stitching. PU leather is more durable than PVC leather, touch softer too. Frog tilt mechanism is also a highlight compared to butterfly mechanism. It has a more stable structure and allows to tilt in a range from 0°-15°, also with a lever to lock this function. Victorage gaming chairs uses Class 4 gas lift verified by SGS, ensuring a higher safety.

What need to be emphasized is its internal structure. Victorage gaming chair is inspired by luxury car seat, not to mention that its factory has more than 20 years experience of car seat manufacturing. The chairs are characterised by distinct shape and deformation-resistant breathable sponge. This kind of sponge is foaming by the leading integrated technology, covering the whole steel frame inside. The sponge is with high density that helps the chair retain its shape over extended periods of time, effectively distributing the load while preventing users sinking too deeply into the upholstery. There is no glue used during the whole production process, that’s why Victorage gaming chair can keep odorless and does no harm to users’ health.

Certainly Victorage gaming chair costs more than GTRACING, but wouldn’t it be better to buy a more durable and more comfortable chair all at one time? After all why a gaming chair is needed?

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