The upcoming artificial intelligence mobile app offers not only tenants but also lessors a useful solution to solve car rental problems.

After a period of careful preparation, Onlinerentaly is releasing their new demo Rental Artificial Intelligence Mobile App – RB01.

RB01 is considered as a bridge between tenants and lessors. This smart app is expected to become one of the technologies that bring a new level to solving car rental problems for users. Now, renting a car is easier than ever. RB01 allows users to access applications anywhere, anytime with just a phone that can access the internet.

According to Dr.Joseph Larian, “During the covid 19 pandemic, customer’s consumption trends are turning into savings, so renting a car becomes a reasonable spending method for customers.”

An Onlinerentaly’s statistics of traffic data over the past year demonstrate the number of users accessing reliable and affordable car rental websites increased dramatically (21.3 % in the first half of the year compared with a year earlier). The number of tenants looking for ways to advertise to potential tenants increased noticeably (6.8% during the first quarter.)

Understanding those needs, Onlinerentaly launched a smart app demo with outstanding features that promise to address the needs of not only tenants but also lessors.

1. Store Customer Information

This demo app has software that helps to store thousands of customer information to help them straightforward access the app and make it easier to rent a car. Moreover, with artificial intelligence, users do not need to worry about information leakage.

2. Connect with Tenants and Lessors in the Right Place at the Right Time

Based on artificial intelligence, RB01 can accurately predict the number of vehicles and the average time of vehicles used to calculate the appropriate demand at each location.

3. Identifying the Ideal Business Territory

This app uses artificial intelligence to analyze data such as socio-demographic data, the number of points of interest in the city, and the efficiency of public transport. It is possible to make policies in that area such as expansion or contraction.

4. Guest reviews

The application will integrate the evaluation of both tenants and lessors based on service quality and customer satisfaction.

“We believe that RB01 will soon become the best solution to the problems of car rental. With RB01, renting a car will be easier than ever,” said Dr. Joseph Larian. 

About Onlinerentaly: 

Onlinerentaly was established as the bridge to help connect renters and lessors. Onlinerentaly’s mission is to bring better service to renters, they are continuously improving their products that will bring satisfaction for users.

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