OnlineBookClub Founder Scott Hughes, Awards Donny and Mary Grace’s California Adventure as Book of the Month for May 2023

With over 400 shelf additions and 4 out of 4 ratings from the members of the Online Book Club, Donny and Mary Grace’s California Adventure earns the Book of the Month for May 2023.

Kids are curious by nature, and this leads them to read mystery books whenever they get the chance. To provide under-14 mystery buffs with something refreshing, Catherine Anna Pepe authored Donny and Mary Grace’s California Adventure, which quickly became a hit among its little readers. The book’s popularity yielded it a solid 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon, and 4 out of 4 on OnlineBookClub, compelling Scott Hughes to award it the Book of the Month title for May 2023.

The book tells the story of two siblings, Mary and Donny, who are being sent off to their grandparents’ house in California for two years. Navigating their way through the new environment and people, especially when Mary’s brother Donny has Down syndrome, becomes overwhelming at first. But little do they know, they’re going to be a part of a cool Grandma Gang to solve some amazing mysteries together.

The book highlights the stigma around being a special kid and the challenges that come with it in efforts to spread awareness among young children so they can treat their fellows with special conditions better. Pepe’s writing is simple, straightforward and easy to read, making it a perfect choice for children. 

“A well-written book for understanding and dealing with bullying in the school setting. It’s written in a style that school-age children can relate to and apply to their everyday lives. I highly recommend this book for the young and mature adults alike.” Dennis B.

Due to Pepe’s storytelling capabilities and the engaging mysteries this book packs, it quickly becomes a favorite among its readers, leading to Scott Hughes (Founder OnlineBookClub) crowning it as the Book of the Month for May 2023.

Anyone willing to read Donny and Mary Grace’s California Adventure can visit OnlineBookClub’s website and find the download/purchase links from stores based on their location.

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