Online Retailer Owl Century Commits to Creating Positive Work Environment for Adults With Autism and Down Syndrome


PETERSBURG, Fla., January 2022 – Owl Century, a Florida-based apparel, jewelry, and accessory brand announces its mission to provide positive work and education environments for those with autism and Down syndrome. Autism has long been painted as a disability, or a hindrance from the ability to carry out a job, simply because these individuals do not learn, work or succeed using the same methods as the societal “norm.” Owl Century plans to change that misconception by providing a safe space for adults with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, and other learning differences. Yosbany Augustu Lopez, the brand’s founder, created this mission based on personal experiences with employment difficulties as an autistic adult.

“After experiencing employment issues firsthand, I decided to create a business that would welcome people like myself,” said Augustu Lopez. “As the business grows, I plan to use the profits to open schools that will properly teach people like myself and that can provide a safe environment for the younger generations—I want them to have what I did not.”

Owl Century aspires to break the cycle of discrimination against those with autism through sales of its Autism Awareness Collection, featuring tee shirts showcasing designs that uplift and spread understanding of the autistic community.

“A lot of intelligent people are cast aside and ‘outsiders’ simply because they act differently than what society expects from everyone. Many have to hide the fact that they’re autistic or have a learning difference just to get a job—and even for the ones that can get a job without the need to hide it, companies usually don’t have the resources and understanding in place to support them and provide a non-stressful work environment.”

After being let go from a recent job because of his autism, Augustu Lopez decided to do something about it by creating a brand that supports and uplifts his community. 

“I want to be able to give autistic people, people with Down syndrome, and others with similar problems like ADHD a place where they can feel safe and not have to worry about being looked down upon. I want them to be able to focus on what they want to do in life,” he said. “Owls represent wisdom and knowledge, which really resonates with me. I’m making this business to change the way things are for people like me, and the owl is a perfect symbol to introduce a fresh perspective of understanding and supporting my community.”

About Owl Century

Owl Century is an online apparel, jewelry, and accessories retailer with a variety of high-quality products to suit anyone’s style. New designs and products are being added every week. Founded by Yosbany Augustu Lopez, Owl Century’s mission is to create safe spaces for people with autism to thrive, with the wider goal of funding schools and jobs that grant those with autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, and other learning differences with more opportunities to grow and succeed in their careers. 

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