With no commission or mark-ups, you can easily rent cars directly from the suppliers through OneClickDrive

OneClickDrive has launched its Car Rental Mobile App where drivers can easily access, search and compare offers from an array of car rental companies closest to them. With just one click, drivers can choose and rent any car customized to fit their needs directly from the local car rental supplier through their phones, WhatsApp or mail. While other car rental apps charge for commission, bookings, or mark-ups, OneClickDrive offers a seamless service at no cost.

Since the concept of car rentals was pioneered over 100 years ago by Mr. Martin Sixt in Munch, Germany and Walter L. Jacobs in Chicago, USA, the business has gradually grown into multinationals with different branches at every international airport terminal. For tourists and business travellers who are particular about taking a tour of cities, especially in Dubai where state-of-the-art infrastructures exist, car rentals have been great at facilitating their touring experience. On realizing that buying a car was more of a liability considering the overhead costs, and cars were highly needed for protection against the scorching heat from deserts, Dubai took to upscaling the business of car rentals.

Currently, there exist over a thousand car rental companies across Dubai and five hundred companies in the Emirate; most of which have been established for over a decade, working with both individual and corporate clients. Interestingly, 30% of these companies have been established for five years with different branches across the Country. However, most of these age-long traditional car rental companies have not evaded the technological space enough to take advantage of its core benefits. To an extent, they have immensely improved their services by creating social communication apps such as WhatsApp and novel payment modes, offering 24/7 services and doorstep delivery to keep their clients satisfied. However, it is evident that without a car rental app to connect their services, those are not enough to make the companies visible to a larger number of potential clients.

In all of these, the good news is that there are a handful of car subscription apps at the moment established in the UAE to draw more clients closer to the car rental companies with ease. And, one of such car rental app is the OneClickDrive App that aims at bringing all the car rental companies in the UAE to your mobile phone with just one click. With OneClickDrive, you can find the best-in-market local car rental prices in local and international currencies, hire a rental directly from the supplier, get an updated information on the list of car rental companies available on the market, gain absolute control of your next car rental plan, select from a wide variety of offers, review details and charges, and request actual pictures of the car you desire with no charges.

“The OneClickDrive App will take your car rental search experience up a notch! It’s instant, intuitive and always fresh on the latest car rental offers near you. Find best-in-market offers directly from local car hire companies instead of marked-up prices at the hotel or airport.

Moreover, we’ll be releasing all the upcoming features first on the app and gradually on the website,” said the company’s spokesperson.

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