OMNI Takes His Holistic Sciences Campaign to South Florida

Fast-rising consciousness and health coach, Omni, embarks on a tour across Central and South Florida to teach metaphysics and health

Marv Yamud, popularly known as Omni, is staying true to his commitment to teaching holistic sciences with the application of metaphysics in contrast to human physiology as he tours South and Central Florida to create more awareness about the concept. Described by many as β€œthe next upcoming rising star in teaching consciousness and health,” Omni is gradually carving a niche for his unique approach to preaching the holistic lifestyle.Β 

β€œI will continue to influence the masses on holistic health and conscious awareness to help navigate and prevent the devastations I experienced. As once told to me by the late leader of the mantra tribe. β€œIn terms of the leaders of the new school to teach health, metaphysics, and conscious living. Your future is brighter than the horizon and your next up.” – Omni.

There has been increasing popularity in metaphysics in recent times, as more people across the globe are becoming interested in the concept and its inherent benefits. However, there are not enough resources available to guide people through the process of living a vegan, healthy lifestyle, which is where Omni seeks to make a difference.Β 

The approach adopted by Omni is particularly different as he personalizes the process, having experienced life-threatening situations that he only escaped thanks to acquiring enough knowledge about concepts, such as health, finance, and conscious awareness.Β 

Omni was born and grew up in the mean streets of upstate New York, labeled a rebel and deemed functionally illiterate. His childhood experiences that included a leg fracture, torn ACL, surgery to remove 20 gallstones, and losing his dad to stage 4 colon, liver, kidney, and stomach cancer, were pretty devastating, leading him to hibernate for four years as Marv Yamud and come out a transformed being as Omni.

Marv Yamud is consequently looking to share his experience and the process of going from losing almost everything to living a life of peace, tranquility, and freedom. The tour of Central and South Florida is getting all the accolades as Omni continues to touch the lives of people positively.

For further information about Omni and how to connect and join the new movement, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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