Olta Baraj, one of the top and most influential Instagram beauty, fashion and travel bloggers
It has been noted that people are pretty obsessed with beauty, so it’s safe to say that they spend a lot of time with their noses pressed to the screens of their laptops, avidly watching their favorite bloggers share their beauty and fashion secrets. To honor the ladies who fuel everyone’s beauty and fashion addiction through thick and thin, it seems like a must to go through their name, and mainly the most influential ones.

Olta Baraj, this name must be etched in the world of fashion and beauty blog, as one of the most influential Albanian bloggers of her age. 

What would the beauty world be without the best beauty blogs? On the weekend (or whenever—who are we kidding?), one loves nothing more than checking out what his/her favorite influencers are posting, from the products they’re raving about or the makeup tutorials they’re loving. While fashion, makeup and skincare blogs launch all the time, one should continue to go back to certain experts over and over again, whether that’s because they’ve been pillars of the beauty community for a long time or their expert knowledge is simply unrivaled.

Beauty blogs are to the beauty world as food is to humans – essential. But with so many blogs popping up every few hours, how do people identify the best ones! Especially when every other influencer is claiming to be an expert in the world of beauty.

Olta Baraj, and with her all of her humbleness, doesn’t claim that she is the best in the niche, but in the eyes of her followers she is! Olta Baraj is a highly prolific fashion and beauty influencer across a wide range of social media outreach. With her outstanding and breathtaking content, Olta was able to gain people’s love and trust in a very short time, where the number of followers on her Instagram account exceeded 206K followers.

She uses to keep her Instagram account feed up with eye-catching posts from her daily work. As she is known for being one of the best beauty, fashion and travel bloggers, Olta is approached by various national and international beauty and fashion brands, restaurants, hotels and many more.

Olta’s biggest inspirations nowadays are creating a legacy and reaching to wider audience on Instagram and YouTube (recently) to share with them what she learns and experiences in her life journey.

To follow up with Olta’s recents, simply scroll down her Instagram page “Olta.photoholic”,

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