Ohio-Based Telecom Company Data Talk Has Now Partnered Up With Zultys to Offer Unparalleled IP Phone Systems

Businesses across the United States will benefit from this latest partnership in the business phone system industry!

Columbus, OH — (ReleaseWire) — 04/26/2022 — The latest partnership between Ohio-based telecom industry leader Data Talk and IP phone system innovators Zultys has changed the business phone system and data storage marketplace for the foreseeable future, because now a top service provider is offering the most cutting-edge technology for businesses of any size.

Zultys is well-known throughout the IT industry for their state-of-the-art PBX phone systems and cloud services, and Data Talk is widely known throughout countless industries for their customer service and affordable data management. This truly is the type of business partnership that keeps business leaders on their toes, because now countless companies will be looking to upgrade their phone systems and reap the benefits of both Data Talk and Zultys at the exact same time!

Below are some of the latest developments from this new partnership that business leaders should keep in mind for their data storage and business communication needs:

Data Talk’s Customers Will Now Reap The Benefits Of The Zultys Difference!

Zultys has become one of the business phone system industry’s top developers because they’re known for far exceeding the expectations of small, mid-sized and even massive companies when it comes to optimizing business practices via a technological edge that improves everyday functionality.

Below are some of the phone system options from Zultys that are now offered by Data Talk:

MXvirtual is the cornerstone of Zultys’ unified communication solutions, and this is partly because it’s an innovative phone system for businesses of all sizes. One big perk of MXvirtual for a lot of companies is that you’ll be able to seamlessly scale up to over 128 unique locations within your own comprehensive MXnetworkβ„’. This subsequently allows for thousands of unique users within one massive business phone system, which is managed and operated via the experts at Data Talk.

Zultys’ MX-E phone system is considered to be a ‘jack of all trades’, advanced system that’s also great for businesses of any size. The MX-E system is known for its energy-efficiency, reliability and overall innovation via cutting-edge system features.

One of these features is a state-of-the-art SIP gateway that brings a company’s unified communications to new heights. MX-E systems come in three different models: one for 300 users and less, another for up to 1,000 users, and another for up to 2,000 users.

Some other impactful features from MX-E phone systems include:

Unified messaging
Fax server
Advanced call handling
Detailed call logs
Unified communications desktop client
And a lot more!


MX-SE is the best phone system option from Zultys for small businesses and any company that functions within branch locations. This is largely because MX-SE does a great job at providing an unparalleled combination of Zultys technology and VoIP quality.

This type of phone system can also be linked within a more elaborate MXnetworkβ„’, which can be a good option for large companies that want to link dozens of distinct offices together.

The Data Talk-Zultys Partnership Is A Game-Changer For The Business Phone System Industry

Businesses of all kinds are going to benefit from this latest IT relationship throughout the foreseeable future, and it’ll be exciting to see how this new partnership ends up improving people’s everyday lives.

From a business leader’s perspective, this type of collaborationbetween two IT companies is a massive step forward in terms of improving bottom lines and employee experience!

About Zultys
Zultys delivers an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable platform designed to streamline all forms of communications and increase productivity for any size business. Please visit http://www.zultys.com for more information.

About Data Talk
Data Talk is a Columbus, Ohio based telecom company that’s been in business since 1963. They currently support thousands of different phone systems throughout Ohio and beyond, and they’re a true one-stop-shop for a company’s telecommunications needs.

The business leaders at Data Talk are available for comment regarding their latest partnership with Zultys, and they can be reached via the following contact form or by calling 614-784-7100.

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