Los Angeles/New Orleans – April 28, 2023 – Today, OCCASIO, a versatile rapper hailing from Los Angeles and New Orleans, announces the release of his brand new single, “Gave It All,” featuring the captivating vocals of up-and-coming Atlanta-based singer, Alize. The dynamic single showcases OCCASIO’s exceptional lyrical skills and Alize’s smooth vocals, forming a highly emotive and infectious track.

“Gave It All” serves as a sneak peek into OCCASIO’s highly anticipated debut album under his new persona, which promises a fusion of experimental sounds and genres. With a Latin-inspired name that translates to “opportunity,” OCCASIO is seizing every moment to create music that evokes emotion and tells a story. Inspired by the likes of Iann Dior, Juice WRLD, Pusha T, Pharell, Travis Scott, Kodak Black, Tyler The Creator, Injury Reserve, and others, OCCASIO has previously collaborated with artists such as WRKINSILENCE, KvonMusic, and more.

In addition to the release of his new single, OCCASIO reveals exciting upcoming collaborations with talented artists like Tuxx, who was once part of Internet Money. Eager to create music with industry greats that have inspired him, OCCASIO shares his belief that some of his best music is just around the corner.

Striving for continuous improvement, OCCASIO began taking vocal lessons last year and plans to continue honing his skills later this year. The lessons have allowed him to explore a broader vocal range, a marked departure from his previous monotone style. OCCASIO expressed his desire to push boundaries, stating, “I want to improve my craft and experiment with different styles and sounds. I want to surprise my fans and myself with what I can do.”

Fans can now stream “Gave It All” feat. Alize on all major streaming platforms and follow OCCASIO on social media for updates and sneak peeks of upcoming projects. Connect with him on Instagram at @iamoccasio.

About the single “Gave It All”:

The song boasts a catchy BPM of 178 and is set in the key of A major. The lyrics depict themes of heartbreak, resilience, and overcoming challenges, while the chorus entices listeners with a powerful hook:

“Make It Right (x2)

I don’t want to fight

God unleash my light

Don’t bite”

“Gave It All” is an emotional, moving track that showcases the talents of both OCCASIO and Alize, and serves as an exciting preview of what’s to come from these talented artists.

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