Objectify Envisioning the Growing Trajectory of 3D Printing in the Field of Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

“Had additive manufacturing not been there, the new heights that the aerospace and defense manufacturing has touched today and expecting to be by 2025 would be difficult.”

Noida, India – 15 Feb, 2022 – The contentious research and intense obsession to bring a radical shift in the field of aerospace and defense manufacturing have invented the low-cost yet effective solution called 3D printing. Adopting early is definitely a competitive advantage. Getting an early market than your competitors, bringing down your manufacturing costs by implementing new technologies, or delivering a product much better than what’s available, is called the competitive advantage that makes you the industry leader. Unanimously, 3D printing in the aerospace and defense industry is the only solution, potential enough to make you lead the market.

At present, aerospace and defense industries are pushing all the limits of additive manufacturing to speed up the manufacturing process in a cost-effective way. Many market studies have projections that the defense and aerospace 3D printingmarket size is expected to reach $5+ billion by 2025. 

“The current growth and future possibilities have been so groundbreaking that more than half of the aerospace and defense manufacturers agree that 3D printing has transformed the conventional manufacturing process. The future is bright and going to be massive in all possible ways to produce the parts keeping the expenses low and yet achieving an early market reach,” says the owner of Objectify Technologies.

An interesting research reveals that 3D Printing Technology in the Defense and Aerospace industry has already changed the way companies use to operate. In fact, additive manufacturing is not limited to producing small fixtures, parts, and tools; rather it has touched every aspect of manufacturing including many of the complex and functional parts. Prototyping is not the only area where 3D printing is widely used but the application of this technology is also helping the Aerospace and defense industry in repair and maintenance, research and development, etc. Nearly 80% of manufacturers are planning to leverage additive manufacturing technology in all possible ways it can help to gain the competitive edge. 

3D printing offers design freedom and this is one of the most sought-after advantages that help engineers produce complex parts thereby reducing the assembly time and possible failure points. Smarter design geometries remove tooling and fixture costs, provide higher durability and greater life to the parts.

There are many leading industries that have adopted 3D printing in their manufacturing process looking at the advantages of this modern technology. The gaining popularity is rising and shows no sign of fading out in the near future. So the Aerospace and defense industries looking for the most trusted and reliable partner for any of their additive manufacturing needs can partner with Objectify Technologies.

About Objectify:

A leading 3D printing company in India with a team of 50+ engineers with 10 years of combined experience offering excellent quality additive manufacturing service to clients distributed in global geographies since 2013. We offer varieties of materials, the best customer service, and shipping across the globe. Objectify Technologies is an ISO 9001 Certified, TUV Nord and AS9100 Aerospace Certification, TUV USA. The top-notch post-processing standard in both polymers and metals 3D printing ensures a stricter standard of quality control and the fastest turnaround time. The collaboration with ISRO, DRDO, MRO, and other top-rated companies in the world speaks about the commitment from Objectify technologies to produce better quality parts using 3D printing or additive manufacturing.

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