With the motto of “Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and now Proof of Identity,” Nymo’s remittance strategy prioritizes securing both senders and receivers through biometric verification. While blockchain and Web3 present immense potential, Crypowallets can be user-unfriendly and result in digital assets being lost forever if passwords are misplaced. The integration of CardLab’s innovative biometric-enabled card with Nymo verification allows customers to benefit from both online and offline security of their assets, as well as full privacy protection.

Johann Caubergh, managing director of Nymo, said, “This card is the perfect match for NYMO. The omni channel concept of NYMO becomes complete. Magnetic stripe, contact or contactless, the innovative CardLab biometric enabled card is the solution to secure online transactions and can be used as an offline security for shopping. On top of this, CardLab is known for securing contactless cards from hacking, and enable tokenization on a Dynamic Magstripe.”

More about Cardlab.
CardLab enables card manufacturers, issuers, and customers to benefit from the latest technological developments in miniaturized low power electronics for on-board integration in ISO 7810 cards. Over the past five years, CardLab has developed a power-efficient fingerprint recognition algorithm for the card, offered in various forms, including dynamic magstripe, contactless chip, EMV, and display.

More about Nymo.
Nymo is a blockchain-based remittance platform for the unbanked and underbanked. Diaspora communities trust Nymo’s power to bridge the gap between them and their families, with the reliability and swiftness of a whale’s migration. With the integration of CardLab’s biometric-enabled card, Nymo’s mission of providing secure, reliable, and efficient financial services to those who need them most is strengthened.

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