Nylah Star Is Set to Release Her New Single That Is Dedicated to All Those Children and Adults From Around the World Who Are Now Celebrating One of Their Most Precious Dreams, to Be Graduated.

Multi-talented Kid, Nylah Star is set to release a new single that is dedicated to the celebration of all those children and adults from around the world who are graduating.

Nylah. T Ouezeda is set to release a single that celebrates all children and adults who are graduating around the world.

The song deals with social strata and is the first one in the world to be sung to all the children and adults who can graduate.

We want to emphasize this as a worldwide advertising campaign, by being this the first song performed by this girl who is 8 years and 10 months old and who is preparing for her artistic career.

The same song is going to be launched also but in Spanish and it will be available on all her social media networks and streaming and digital platforms. Watch here.

Nylah is an artist, she is the host of her television show and she is also an actress. She is a very prepared, smart, and very intelligent girl.

This long-awaited project’s official release date is Friday, June 9, 2023, at 9 am. It will be available on all digital platforms along with the official video, and you can stream this new song as well as all of her songs across very well-known digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal,and Deezer, among others.

Through her dedication and passion for music and because she passed the course, she has been making songs for school in both languages, Spanish and English to capture the hearts of all the people around the world.

She has been working on educational projects for education and has an entire educational ad campaign ready to be launched.

She is a very intelligent girl who dedicates herself mostly to working on educational songs. Indeed, she has dedicated one of her songs where she encouragesthe children to go to school. Watch here.

She has an entire educational campaign that includes her ownmerchandising that will be placed later on Amazon and similar stores so that the children can enjoy both her music and her visual images.

She is the host of a great, educational and entertaining television show, known as“The Nylah and Allyn Show”, and you can watch her every Saturday and Sunday along with his brother.

You can now watch it online also every Saturday and Sunday morning through different media channels, by visiting Roku and Amazon by downloading the app and searching for it with the show’s name.

Nylah’s Achievements and Awards

New York Urban Awards (2021) for Children’s Character of the Year and Children’s Program of the Moment, awarded by the Telemundo network, in a ceremony where she performed as a singer.
Key to Newark (2021), awarded by the Governor of New Jersey for being a national example for education, in addition to starring in the children’s program of the moment, ‘The Nylah and Allyn Show’.
Special show at the Bronx Dominican Grand Parade (2022) to recognize the artist as a pillar of the Dominican community in the United States.

About Nylah. T Quezada

Nylah Star (Nylah. T Quezada) was born on August 30, 2014, in New Jersey, United States. The daughter of Thalia King and Andres Duran, both of Dominican Republic origin.

From an early age, Nylah began showing signs of a penchant for the arts, especially singing, dancing, and acting.

After noticing Nylah’s concerns, her father decided that she should be educated in all that she was passionate about, and therefore enrolled her in a music school, accompanied by singing and dancing, where she received her first notions to get her ready for her career.

In 2020, Nylah was able to record her first’s children musical single ‘Pa’ La Escuela’, conveying a beautiful message about the importance of having a good education, to be used in school campaigns globally.

She is currently co-hosting her TV show, ‘The Nylah and Allyn Show’, and she is also starring in a Christmas-themed film, ‘A Christmas Story with Allyn and Nylah’.

To learn more, please visit – https://www.nylahstar.com/, https://www.elshowdenylahyallyn.com

Media Contact
Company Name: AQD Records
Contact Person: Andres Duran
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://www.nylahstar.com/

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