Nuzuna Pleas to the House and Senate to Pass the Gyms Act to Protect Citizens’ Health and Reduce Burden of Healthcare Costs


Charles Laverty, the founder of Nuzuna Wellness Centers, has presented another plea to the House and Senate to pass the Gyms Act (H.R. 890) without further delay. As someone who has been associated with the fitness industry, Mr. Laverty is deeply concerned about the negative impact the pandemic has had on citizens’ health. 

Why Passing the Gyms Act is Critical

According to statistics, the average U.S. citizen has gained at least 21 pounds during the pandemic, leading to concerns about their wellbeing. There is reason to believe that weight gain is unhealthy. Many gym facilities continue to face closures and restrictions, preventing people from following active routines. Inactivity increases the risk of people suffering from health conditions, increasing the burden of healthcare costs on insurance companies.

As a result, some insurance companies have started reimbursing clients’ gym membership fees to encourage them to exercise. Insurance companies cover healthcare costs for people with healthcare insurance, and their concerns show that their clients need more medical attention. This problem further translates into another issue.

While insurance companies cannot change their existing contracts, the higher health risk pushes them to increase premiums on their healthcare packages. This move has increased the financial burden on the population when they’re already in need of financial assistance and health insurance support.

Deteriorating health and increasing healthcare costs under the current economic conditions increase overall stress levels and make it difficult for citizens to maintain not just their physical health but also their mental health.

What Needs to Be Done

It is evident that the existing circumstances are not ideal, and letting them remain so will make American citizens suffer. The only solution is to pass the Gyms Act (H.R. 890), which will provide economic support to distressed fitness facilities across America. This recovery fund is meant to cover basic expenses (employee salaries) and a portion of revenue loss when they were forced to shut down when the pandemic hit.

Furthermore, the Act’s passing will allow such facilities to keep their doors open, allowing the community to benefit from their services.

Nuzuna has stressed the significance of this Act earlier this year ( and is once again drawing attention to the matter once again. Their primary hope is that the members of the House and Senate will recognize the urgency of the situation and take immediate action to pass the Gyms Act. 

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Nuzuna Wellness Centers has been at the forefront of fitness and wellness. Founded in 2018 by Charles Laverty, Nuzuna Wellness Centers is leading the world by incorporating innovative ways to improve fitness. Nuzuna uses groundbreaking electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) technology accompanied by a specialized workout carefully conceived by a world-class team of top physical therapists and elite fitness trainers with decades of experience. They have built high-performance gyms designed for intense full-body muscle training with complete freedom of movement. Nuzuna Wellness Centers provide outstanding features to their clients with the right products and services.

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