Nuzuna CEO, Charles Laverty Seconds Michael Bloomberg in Support of Charter Schools for Quality Education


Michael Bloomberg has recently made a $750M donation to Success Academy Charter Schools to create seats for 150,000 more students across 20 metro areas all over the US. The decision comes from Mr. Bloomberg’s confidence in charter schools and his willingness to invest in quality education for children.

Charter schools need state approvals to operate; however, they are not obligated to follow public education curriculums. Mr. Bloomberg has decided to invest in charter schools because he feels more confident about the curriculum designs and teaching methods in them than in public schools.

The State of Public Education

The current public education system is designed for children of all backgrounds, but there is discontent about the current practices and conditions. Most public schools failed to create adequate systems for distance learning when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, making the students suffer. Even after vaccination drives made it safe for schools to reopen, administrations failed to impose necessary policies to minimize the chances of the virus spreading.

However, the state of public education has been disappointing for some time. The 2019 National Assembly of Educational Progress Report revealed that the average mathematics score for eighth-grade students had dropped significantly.

“Education is falling apart in the US because of the unions and the lack of math and science, Charter Schools are far and above the public education system,” said Charles Laverty, CEO of Nuzuna Wellness Centers. Mr. Laverty is deeply concerned about the extent to which union involvement and politics has caused the education system to deteriorate.

“Education is critical to the growth of America and very important to me, and every parent,” Mr. Laverty went on to add as he spoke about the disastrous state of the US public education system.

School teachers understand the severity of the current situation and have been trying their best with their resources. However, the problem is systematic and institutional and requires extensive reforms.

Charter Schools and Academic Prosperity

Charter schools, like Success Academy, cater to children from all backgrounds, but especially those living below the poverty line. Success Academy has a network of 47 charter schools across New York, and there are another 150, with a proven track record of high performance. The presence of these schools have improved the quality of education and have also helped reduce racial and ethnic achievement gaps in their areas, promoting social change. They also don’t operate under union contracts, making them more flexible for staffing, curriculum design, testing, etc. Despite the numerous positive achievements of charter schools, mayors and governors face barriers securing support from Congress and the White House. This response is disappointing because supporting charter schools can pave the way for a brighter future for children from all backgrounds. Mr. Bloomberg, an avid supporter of quality education for all, has invested $750 million in Success Academy to lend his support to the cause he believes in. The Academy plans to use this investment to increase the number of charter schools to reach more communities and strengthen existing schools through staff training, improved data systems, etc.

About Success Academy Charter Schools

Success Academy Charter Schools is a non-profit organization that aims to use premium education to create the best possible learning opportunities for children. The Academy’s mission is to create an educational environment that encourages creative thinking, creativity, and confidence, which will help secure the students’ careers and futures.

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