Novita Diamonds Successfully Enters the Lab Grown Diamond London Market

NOVITA DIAMONDS, the world’s biggest player in the lab-grown diamond market, is celebrating the unprecedented success of its London branch.  

Far from being just another showroom, the London branch is the central operating location for the entirety of NOVITA DIAMONDS’ UK operation. After quickly dominating its home market of Australia, and by extension, New Zealand, London was the most sensible choice, by far, for NOVITA DIAMONDS’ first overseas location. 

NOVITA DIAMONDS’ rise mirrors the success of some tech start-ups, and for good reasons. NOVITA DIAMONDS is a technology-focused start-up at heart, and like all start-ups, was set out to disrupt a stagnant market, in this case, the mined diamonds. Mined diamonds are often used interchangeably with ‘Blood Diamonds’ or ‘Conflict Diamonds’ because of the price paid in human suffering and environmental destruction that results from their mining. Most diamond mines are located in conflict-prone and, therefore, lawless regions controlled by armed militias and the resulting disregard of human rights. NOVITA DIAMONDS correctly identified the urgent need for a sustainable and ethical replacement to mined diamonds and decided to go all-in on lab-created diamonds that bypass the traditional mining industry and its associated drawbacks entirely. 

The company’s goal to dominate the lab-grown diamond London market is a winning combination of aggressive price, a complete and user-friendly online shopping platform, and finally very generous customer-oriented policies, NOVITA DIAMONDS was able to win the hearts and minds of customers in Australia and beyond. NOVITA DIAMONDS UK is already well on its way to replicating the success of its Australian success with the incredibly successful launch of its UK site and its London showroom. 

NOVITA DIAMONDS UK’s first showroom is located in the prestigious Hatton Garden, the heart of the vibrant diamond scene. The extraordinary reception by the consumers of NOVITA DIAMONDS’ UK launch is a testament to the unmet demand by the buyers of a viable and eco-conscious alternative to mined diamonds. Honest pricing, stellar service, with no upselling pressure, and, most importantly, uncompromising dedication to responsibility, sustainability, and ethics enabled the London showroom to overtake and outperform the established and legacy players who have, for generations, called Hatton Garden home. 

Not satisfied to rest on their laurels, NOVITA DIAMONDS, a young and ambitious company led by Iris Arnold CEO and Founder, is using its London showroom to springboard into the rest of the UK. Already operating its second UK showroom in Manchester at full capacity, NOVITA DIAMONDS is eager to establish itself in every major city in the UK and in the process bring truly no comprise diamonds to the masses. 

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