NOVITA Diamonds Set to Become the Largest Lab-Grown Diamonds Company in the UK

NOVITA DIAMONDS, the leading seller of lab-grown diamonds in the world, is now fully committed to capturing the UK man-made diamond market. Following the incredible success it enjoyed in Australia, its birthplace, NOVITA DIAMONDS is in the process of further expanding in key locations like Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand. However, the foray into the UK is it’s most ambitious yet.

NOVITA DIAMONDS was launched with the express purpose of offering a superior alternative to mined diamonds, also known as ‘Blood Diamonds’. Recognising that consumers around the world are becoming ever more aware of the growing threats faced by earth and its inhabitants, NOVITA DIAMONDS felt it was in the perfect place and time to disrupt the mined diamond industry; an age-old effective monopoly with a long and controversial history of supporting, encouraging and causing environmental, ecological and human destruction.

By exclusively offering lab-created diamonds, NOVITA DIAMONDS was able to offer the dynamic and environmentally conscious segment of the population ready to start their next phase of life an alternative to mined diamonds that is not only incredibly affordable, almost 75% cheaper, but also sustainable and ethically sourced to boot. The demand for such a compelling alternative, a real authentic diamond without any of the environmental and human cost, is a testament to the incredible growth of NOVITA DIAMONDS. The market-wide disruption caused by NOVITA DIAMONDS, a then small tech-friendly start-up, allowed it to quickly become Australia’s largest diamond retailer and then the largest in the world.

With invaluable start-up experience, a market-disrupting product, strong technical leadership, and, most importantly, an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction and fulfilment, NOVITA DIAMONDS is confident it is finally ready to disrupt the UK’s prestigious and storied diamond and jewellery scene. NOVITA DIAMONDS UK is a fully independent entity, on equal footing with the NOVITA DIAMOND’s global operation, allowing it to entirely focus on the UK market and provide tailor-made solutions to a more demanding base of customers. London, a financial and cultural capital, and consequently, a traditional stronghold of the mined diamonds market, was the obvious choice for the starting location of NOVITA DIAMONDS’base of operation, with Manchester following soon after. 

Unlike other entrenched diamond players in the UK who, despite claiming to be environmentally friendly, continue to sell mined diamonds along with man-made diamonds, NOVITA DIAMONDS only offers lab-grown diamonds in the UK. Sharing the same core mission of its global counterpart and leveraging its robust network of partner labs, NOVITA DIAMONDS UK is now able to provide easy access to clean, affordable diamonds to discerning customers, be they novice first-time customers or experienced buyers, without compromising on ethics and sustainability.

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