NOVITA Diamonds at the Forefront of Bespoke Engagement Rings in the UK Market


NOVITA DIAMONDS has only recently entered the UK market by opening its first two showrooms in London and Manchester, but it is already celebrating the unprecedented success of its UK operation. One service, in particular, the Bespoke Ring Design, has received an overwhelmingly positive response from UK customers. 

NOVITA DIAMONDS is currently the world’s largest seller of lab-grown diamonds; an achievement made all the more remarkable since Novita is such a young company. Founded in Australia, Novita Diamonds quickly disrupted the domestic diamond market to become the dominant diamond retailer. Their winning combination of offering exclusively sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds at incredibly affordable prices endeared the brand to a growing segment of consumers who view the planet’s welfare and its inhabitants as essential to their purchasing decisions. 

Tapping into the pent-up demand for a compelling alternative to “Blood Diamonds” by providing chemically identical diamonds sustainably grown in controlled labs at market disrupting prices enabled the meteoric growth of NOVITA DIAMONDS from an exclusively Australian company to a truly multinational online retailer. By establishing showrooms in two of the UK’s financial and cultural hubs, London and Manchester, Novita Diamonds has been able to permanently disrupt the UK’s entrenched diamond scene for the better. 

Novita Diamonds as a whole is enjoying unprecedented response from the customer base in the UK who were greatly in need of a true alternative to mined diamonds sold at exorbitant prices by ageing retailers with subpar customer service. Surprisingly the service that resonated most with the customers in the UK is their Bespoke Ring creation package. Although Novita Diamonds prepared for the UK market, which is famously demanding when it comes to the shopping experience, by strengthening its core services before launching, Novita Diamonds was not expecting the overwhelming demand for its bespoke service – where customers can request any design for their ring, no matter how complex or implausible they might seem – that it had to borrow resources form its overseas operations, mainly Australia, to deal with the demand. 

The bespoke ring creation service has always been an integral part of Novita Diamonds. It ties in with the rest of Novita Diamonds’ offerings to fulfil its goal of being a one-stop solution for all diamond and jewellery shopping a customer might ever need. In keeping in line with Novita Diamonds’ operating principle of offering extraordinary service and products at disrupting prices, their bespoke ring service is offered below-market rates to UK consumers who have been conditioned to expect hefty premiums for such tailored services. Novita Diamonds can offer such high-quality bespoke services because of its initial investments in key ground-breaking technologies. All custom designs requested by customers are initially conceptualised and then recreated by experienced designers in 3D modelling software, which architects, engineers, and animators also use. The customer is provided copies of the 3D file through every iteration of the design process, with the customer having the final say. Once the design is finalised and approved, the ring is created using industrial, top-of-the-line 3D printers. This initial physical manifestation of the ring design is used as a reference and guide for Novita Diamond’s in-house master craftsmen, who will be the ones to bring the computer 3D model into a living piece of art that exists solely for the person who commissioned it.  

Novita Diamonds is paving the way in bringing bespoke services to regular customers in the UK. Services that have been till now been the exclusive domain of the select few have now been democratised by Novita Diamonds. By levering their forward-thinking investments in in-house technologies and global pool of talents, Novita Diamonds has been able to bring down the cost of tailored bespoke engagement rings in UK so that anyone can now have the chance to create the ring or jewellery of their dream.

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