Self-care plays a huge role in one’s mental wellbeing but is often overlooked by most people. One of the most frequently seen complaints from people who do not partake in self-care is the fact that they are unable to find high-quality self-care items in their surroundings. To alleviate this issue, is an online website that has been expanding their collection of premium self-care items for their many customers. was formed with the idea that self-care is an essential part of one’s life. The Novenary brand centers around the philosophy of nurture and belief. They state that this is something that manifests with people, the planet, and their products. As a result of this, the company strives to provide high-quality self-care items that are sustainable and supportive, without any cost to the environment or one’s surroundings. Novenary believes in spreading and embracing positivity and this is something that can be seen from their product line. They provide a myriad of essential oils, unique blends and sensory candles with paired crystal and music compositions.

They currently offer a number of candles that can help one in breaking away from the haphazardness of daily life for a momentary resplendence. These candles can be bought directly from their online store. In addition to this, Novenary offers bath salts, gifts, refills and has a separate section for their best sellers too. Their bath salts are aroma therapeutic with Epsom and Cornish sea salt infused with essential oils.

The company also highlights their journey and backstory through their online website, discussing how their team was founded on the goal of seeking the medicinal effects of nature, through aromatherapy. 

Novenary thus offers customers a myriad of sustainable yet high-quality items that can add self-care and tranquility to their daily life. The brand has a strong ideology and has been consistently ensuring that their products are both effective for their customers, without any cost to the environment or planet. The company hopes to continue expanding their line of self-care items and plans to introduce many more people to the intriguing world of aromatherapy. 


Novenary was conceived through experience and self-care, seeking the medicinal effects of nature, and more specifically, aromatherapy. Unlocking this universal potential, the brand was able to develop and share these experiences through ethical and sustainable means, and with such, Novenary was born. Novenary is committed to creating innovative products which are kind to both people and the planet. All products created are products that Gemma, the founder of Novenary uses and continues to use on her journey to restore health, balance and peace.

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