Novawave Reviews: Novawave Launches Revered Antenna With Free Access to Television Programs

Providing all the best that TV has to offer in just one installation

SINGAPORE – Novawave is thrilled to announce the launch of its sophisticated antenna that picks up over-the-air broadcast television signals from over 90 of the top 100 television channels in the world. Having a range of several miles in all locations, Novawave allows the opportunity for people to connect to their favorite TV shows, sporting events, and local news, depending on their location. Users can access this wealth of television programs at no cost within the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Without the technical expertise required, the Novawave antenna can be plugged in and connected to the provided cable to any television set. The company has made the setup and use process so easy that once the antenna has been connected, users can go on to enjoy a wide range of uninterrupted programs. The Novawave antenna is compatible with any modern television set, works with all High Definition contents, contains the highest quality video and audio to give the best audio-visual experience, and requires no monthly bill plug and a watch easy setup. Alongside some of its exciting features, the Novawave unit antenna does not require the use of internet connections. 

The company understands the complications that accompany setting up an antenna; that was why it has designed its product in such a way as to provide a unique solution to the demands of cable lovers.. Highly sensitive to the needs of its customers, Novawave features full support for full HD 1080p signals, which allow users to watch TV content in the highest quality possible. In addition to its exceptionally designed features, Novawave’s powerful unit gives the best and clearest reception that allows users to enjoy an explicit video with excellent audio quality. These exciting features hold a promise of the finest viewing time for users. Novawave’s technical specifications for excellent results include indoor tv antenna, passive gain antenna, double-sided tales, easy to set up the unit, plug-and-play feature, and lightweight unit among other exceptional features.

The Novawave antenna is very portable and can be hung in any area that allows for the best, strongest signal. However, the company advises users to attach the unit to the wall or an exterior-facing window for best results. The unit guarantees the strongest reception possible when it is appropriately positioned as advised. The Novawave antenna is not weatherproof as it was specifically designed for indoor use only. In this regard, users cannot use the unit outdoor as this may risk the proper functioning of total spoilage of it. 

Due to its unique design, one antenna cannot supply broadcast channels to more than one television set. To enjoy Novawave’s best features in more than one TV set, users will have to get one antenna for each television. Users can also access more free broadcast channels if they purchase the amplifier to enhance the antenna’s range. This allows access to more exciting channels and a wide range of exciting shows for viewing pleasure.

On its unique product backlog, Novawave offers top-notch antennas in different quantities that users can choose from. These quantities include the 3X Novawave antennas, 1X Novawave antennas, 4X Novawave antennas, and 2X Novawave antennas. Interestingly, with a coupon or discount code, customers are entitled to a 50% discount on any purchased item and a free shipping fee here. The payment process is verified, guaranteed, and secured, so customers have absolutely nothing to worry about when making payments for purchased items. Also, there is sufficient information on shipping for those interested in the product from far distances. 

As a result of its esteem for total customer satisfaction, Novawave offers a 30-day guarantee on all purchases if users are not completely satisfied with its product. In this regard, customers are allowed to return the purchased item and request a full refund or replacement if they do not get the desired result from the product within 30 days. The company also offers a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects; for defective products, they can only be replaced, not refunded.

“What makes Novawave so unique is that it supports full HD 1080p. With the antenna, you can watch your content in the highest quality possible! Novawave features full support for Full HD 1080p signals – just like you get when paying for a cable TV subscription! Also, with a powerful unit that provides the clearest reception, Novawave was designed to pull in signals clearly and display them in the highest quality possible. With this, you’ll enjoy a clear, beautiful video as well as wonderful audio quality. With Novawave, you can have access to a wide range of channels; however, the channels available will depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If there are obstructions between your location and the nearest tower, your signal may not be as strong. At this point, all you need to do is refocus the antenna until you get the best reception,” said the company’s spokesperson.

“Our order processing and delivery for the vast majority of customers take 3-7 days from the date you placed your order. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your tracking details. This can take up to 48 hours for the tracking number to show activity.”

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