United States – August 22, 2023 – Avoid baggage restrictions with a private jet to Europe the next time you need to fly over there. Star Jets International takes care of you and your baggage.

“Airlines are looking for more and more ways to make money. They are charging for extra bags. At Star Jets International, we say don’t pay those fees. Book your private jet and pack the luggage you want without worrying about getting socked with extra fees,” said Ricky Sitomer, CEO of Star Jets International.

Even if you pay extra, the airline may decide you still have too much luggage and will not load it on the plane. If that is the case, it may get loaded on another, later flight. That means more delays when you get to Europe.

“All this also means the airline manages to keep up with your luggage and get it on the right flight to Europe. If you fly commercial airlines very much, you know they are very good at losing your baggage, sending it to other places and even letting baggage handlers steal your belongings,” Mr. Sitomer said.

With Star Jets International you know your baggage goes to the same place as you. Your belongings are loaded on the same plane you are in. Your property is unloaded at the same airport where you land.

“You can even bring your luggage right to the plane and watch it get loaded. It is that simple. At your destination, you will have to go through customs, but you can also follow your luggage all the way through”, Mr. Sitomer said.

Star Jets Internatinal does not care what you bring, as long as it is legal. Clearing customs is also your job.

Call 1 855-9-FLYJETS, text +1 917-331-5152 or visit

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