Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd Launches Two New Medicines

Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd is one of the leading pharmaceutical, a manufacturer-based company in Navi Mumbai. With high skilled professionals, we have managed to introduce a huge range of medicines. The categories are wide and include Pain Analgesics, calcium Supplements Anthiinfectives/Respiratory, Neuro/Psy, calcium Supplements Vitamins, Minerals, and gastrointestinal remedies.

Today, Nicolan has exports touching the sky. They have declared improved exports in 2022 as compared to previous year. Now that the access is available globally, one can order generic medicines and branded ones in South Africa, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc. With great achievements and expedited process, here are they announcing the launch of new two remedies for the betterment of the livelihood.

Ebastine belonging to the antihistamine class is introduced to assist the patients dealing with drowsiness. This remedy is classified under Anti-Histamine class and works on allergic rhinitis and chronic idiopathic urticaria. This treatment works by blocking the H1 receptors in peripheral tissue. To ensure the patients are comfortable with the doses and don’t take a toll on the body, they are made available in strength-10 and 20mg. Besides, quick-dissolving tablets and pediatric syrup are made accessible to improve the disorder. one can buy Ebastine 10mg and deal with the suffering to enjoy relief from such disorder.

Another launched remedy – Eberconazole belongs to an anti-fungal class. This medicine is designed to assist the patient with fungal and yeast infections. Often the skin conditions are spread due to touch, and this anti-fungal treatment is used by patients with a weak immune system. Besides, the additional use improves dermatophytosis, pityriasis, and candidiasis in the patients. Weak immune system patients are guided to order Eberconazole with the prescription to get rid of the disorder at the earliest.

About Nicolan Healthcare: Nicolan Healthcare Pvt Ltd, a global pharmaceutical company, has introduced a wide range of modern remedies that assist patients to deal with their modern health disorders. We have implemented modern manufacturing systems in New Mumbai for manufacturing tablets, oral liquids, and capsules. The manufacturing unit consists of highly skilled people with modern equipped technology machinery to ensure the remedies are designed adhering to the norms and laws to improve the health of the patient. Additionally, we have an R&D team working round the clock to find the lasts innovation to inculcate in the medicines and improve the functions of the human body.

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