‘Niall Macpherson-Mickel’ to Advise Regtechtimes to Expand in Europe

Scotland – Feb 18, 2022 – Alan Niall Macpherson Mickel (Niall Macpherson-Mickel) has joined the advisory board of global regtech media Regtechtimes. 

Global Regtech Media-Regtechtimes demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the value of regulatory technologies for banks and financial institutions.

The advisory board provides market and business insights, research and advice to assist Regtechtimes with solving the challenges presented faced by today’s complicated international transactions community and beyond. Niall Macpherson-Mickel was previously the senior partner of Hamilton Burns, (2001-2015) and in 2019 Niall Macpherson-Mickel qualified to transfer his jurisdiction and act in cross-border litigation cases by being called at the bar of Middle Temple as a Barrister.

By way of history, Hamilton Burns specialised in court-based litigation, in both civil and criminal as well as immigration practice areas. Hamilton Burns was one of the top firms providing general legal aid throughout Scotland. As a Solicitor Advocate and in terms of the published legal aid tables, Niall was the highest-earning civil Counsel in so far as legal aid board civil payments were concerned for in excess of three years between 2011 and 2013. Niall sold his equity shares in the practice as part of a structured management buy-out in 2015. During a distinguished career in Scotland, he has served in multiple non-executive board level and pro-bono advisory roles. 

Regtechtimes is a leading source for news, information and resources to the financial services industry. It provides timely information on regulations and technology to professionals interested in the domain. Additionally, it has launched the certification course in anti-money laundering investigations for the European markets through Regtechtimes Academy. 

Regtechtimes provides resources on financial crimes and compliance. Financial crimes are evolving and so is regtechtimes. (https://www.regtechtimes.com/financial-crimes-global-banking/)

Alan Niall’s expertise in international laws and anti-money laundering will strengthen the position of Regtechtimes further.

Niall Mickel’s vast experience in litigations, anti-money laundering and financial crimes, his deep knowledge of the European regtech markets, and his proven expertise in cross border transactions will be immensely valuable to Regtechtimes to expand in European countries,” said Madhura Phadtare, Co-founder, Regtechtimes. “We’re honoured to have him join our distinguished advisory board.”

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