NFT Meets Beauty and Fashion as Monique Reyes Launches the DreamWeavers Collection

Beauty expert and hair salon owner, Monique Reyes, announces the launch of DreamWeavers, an NFT collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn pieces

Monique Reyes, a beauty enthusiast, known for her expertise as a hair salon owner in North Phoenix, AZ, recently ventured into the Metaverse with the launch of the DreamWeavers project. The NFT collection will be officially launched this Summer, delivering a collection of 10,000 unique pieces hand-drawn by the artist, GNEE.

“DreamWeavers mission is build a fashion community in the metaverse where dreams can come true.”

The global NFT market has practically exploded in recent times, as different categories of stakeholders emerge to create an amazing experience for all. While the beauty and fashion industry has not been left out of the frenzy, Monique Reyes aims to take it a notch higher, collaborating with talented artist, GNEE, to create the DreamWeavers collection.

DreamWeavers is looking to push boundaries as a women-led NFT project creating Metaverse fashion, as Monique brings her years of experience and wealth of knowledge to bear. The NFT art collection of 10,000 unique pieces showcase women and their exceptional hair styles, with the first 6,500 pieces scheduled to be minted this Summer. Members of the DreamWeavers discord community are currently enjoying white lists as part of the goal of Monique to build a community centered around what she does best, hair!

The vision of Monique with the DreamWeavers project is to build a hair salon in the metaverse where members of the community can customize their NFTs with their desired hair and makeup to create an NFT profile pic.

For further information about DreamWeavers and how to be a part of the historic women-led NFT project, visit – DreamWeavers also has a growing online community across social media, including Twitter, Instagram, and Discord

About DreamWeavers 

DreamWeavers is a unique community of creative, artists, and collectors created for persons who want to help build the future of fashion and the metaverse. Founded by Monique Reyes, the owner of an Arizona-based hair salon is located in North Phoenix, Arizona, DreamWeavers will help bridge the gap between fashion and the Metaverse while enabling as many people as possible to be a part of the virtual space.

Media Contact
Company Name: DreamWeavers
Contact Person: Monique Reyes
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Country: United States

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