NFT Collection Squid Games Chronicles Is a Miracle in the Making With Its Revolutionary Data Protection Features

Let’s delve into one of the most frequent questions NFT collectors ask themselves when they consider buying NFTs on the internet: How can I be sure that I am investing in a safe project?

Meet Jason Martin, the creator of this amazing project. Jason is an IT Engineer with a Master’s in New Technologies. After working for different IT companies in Europe, he decided to begin his own path on entrepreneurship, simply wishing to have more time to develop personal projects. He went on creating courses online on Udemy and doing dropshipping business for the last few years.

But with the advent of blockchain technology and the rise of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, his interest in blockchain projects grew exponentially. He then had the misfortune of investing in projects that turned out to be scams, but that also served as an experience that proved to be a window of opportunity.

That’s because he felt inspired to create the Squid Game Chronicles project, an NFT Collection on Opensea Based on the Netflix original series Squid Game. With this project, he had the purpose of serving as an example of how collectors could trust on a project in which the future doesn’t depend on the creator, and here is where you will get to know how to trust an NFT Collection Project.

All tokens were minted on the Polygon Blockchain using a Smart Contract and are available in the OpenSea. When you create a collection using a Smart Contract, the contract blocks the creator from deleting the tokens or changing the NFT’s metadata. But there is an extra step you would like to check on before buying an NFT. In this project, the NFT metadata is hosted on the IPFS distributed web and has a unique CID identifier. The NFT Collection is also working with Pinata as a pinning tool to ensure that the NFT Metadata will always be available on the IPFS. 

It is a great benefit for the NFT Collectors. They can purchase the tokens without thinking about losing any data

The NFT Collection also has a Discord Server (The Bloodhound Club). It holds valuable information about the NFT Collection, such as how the NFT Collection was created and roadmap phases. This level of transparency further boosts the collector’s confidence.

The Discord server is running Airdrops, ETH, and NFT Giveaways to keep collectors engaged and will include info about other Blockchain projects coming in the future. The Roadmap includes more than $5000 on giveaways and the top three collectors will enjoy a guaranteed win.

The NFTs price has been kept at 0.007 ETH so that every collector can purchase them, regardless of their financial status. The tokens can also be bought on DAI, USDC, or REVV.

All the details about how this collection was created and how others can do the same will be included in future courses on Jason’s Udemy Profile.

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