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How People Book Hotels in 2022? What Gets Attention and Which Channels People Prefer?
In collaboration with hospitality consulting team Daniel Diosi & Partners, we recently completed an analysis to gain deeper understanding of how people book hotels in 2022. The 2,017 response survey was targeted to people in he United States between 18 and 65 years of age, who recently returned from a trip. The research results can …
A Brief Overview of Market Research Fraud
Response fraud is a form of cybercrime and a constant nuisance for the steadily growing online portion of market research. Fraudsters participate in online surveys to get the monetary incentive offered for their time without providing genuine answers.
How to Do a Competitor Analysis With Competitor Analyzer?
As the name suggests, Competitor Analyzer is a competitor analysis tool that lets you reveal brand-related information about competitors, similar companies, or practically any organization.
How to Measure Market Research ROI? Is Market Research a Good Investment?
Investing in various forms of research can be a game-changer for new businesses and SMB-s, and thankfully more and more entrepreneurs realize it. Market Sampler is for these entrepreneurs.
How Do Asian Companies Use Market Sampler to Research Business Opportunities in Europe and North America?
Discover how companies from China, Japan and South-Korea use Market Sampler for research in Europe, United States and Canada.

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8 Approaches to Expand Your Small Business Credit
8 Approaches to Expand Your Small Business Credit Getting a business loan takes time, and establishing good business credit takes time. While it may be difficult to start building your business's credit, it can impact your success. Here are 6 approaches to expanding your business credit. These tips will boost your business's credit rating and …

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