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Survey Research Shows Who Would Hungarians Like to Win the 2022 Elections
Scope of research The research was targeted to a broad audience in Hungary between 21 and 65 years old. Respondent was asked a question about who they would like to win the 2022 election. 3 answers were offered, which were in random order: Viktor Orban, the current prime ministerPeter Marki-Zay, candidate of the united oppositionSomeone …
Public Survey Research Reveals Which Demographic Segments Support Migration in the EU
Scope of research The research was targeted to a broad range of respondents in Austria, Spain, Sweden, France, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, and Greece. Key research results: 26.5% of respondents accept migration17.5% of respondents accept migration if it's legalOver 56% of respondents do not support any form of migrationMigration is least supported by EU …
Why Do Vietnamese Mega-Companies Struggle to Gain Popularity on Domestic and International Markets?
With industrial capabilities so advanced that the country is a choice for high-prestige companies, how come Vietnam fails to export its own brands, and at the same time fails to impress Vietnamese consumers with domestic brands?
Fresh Market Research Results Show Where People Plan to Travel in 2022
Turkey, Thailand, Italy and Mexico are among the top destinations for for US, UK, German and French travelers.
The Sad Reality of Incentivized Market Research Platforms
Imagine that you just paid $1,000 or more for survey research on SurveyMonkey, Google Surveys, or another survey website. Your results are in, and you are excited to make use of all that interesting data to improve your business. How would you feel to know that around 80% of your respondents were broke students (or …

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2022 Malta Cannabis Growers Survey Results
Context of research In 2021, the Maltese government made it possible to grow up to four cannabis plants per household, store up to 50 grams of weed at home, and carry up to 7 grams in public.  Earlier surveys from various sources indicated that smoking marihuana is quite popular in Malta. How has the legalization …