Newborn Genetic Screening Test Could Prevent More Serious Health Problems for Babies

Eone Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC), a business that develops innovative technology for genome analysis through constant research and development, has gladly announced its newborn genetic screening test called bebegene® Plus. Newborn screening is some special tests done for babies between one to two days old. The tests check a baby for serious, but rare and mostly treatable health conditions at birth. Newborn screening includes blood, heart, and hearing screening.

A spokesperson of EDGC, Shang-Cheol Shin, says that “bebegene® Plus is the newborn genetic screening test analyzing more than 250,000 base sequence and early screening genetic diseases such as intellectual disability, developmental disability, behavioral disability.”

With bebegene®, this means that intellectual disability, developmental disability, and behavioral disability in newborns can be detected early enough at birth and treated before it results to very serious problems.

The bebegene® detects not only Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Variation (SNV) passed down from parents to babies but also Copy Number Variation (CNV) which occurred during pregnancy.

Disabilities such as sight and hearing disabilities can be found in the early stages but hidden disabilities such as autism and emotional behavioral disorders may show up after 3 years old. EDGC’s bebegene® early screens chromosomal abnormalities and helps to prevent disease progression with proper treatment.

EDGC’s bebegene® screening has high-resolution analysis that gives accurate detection, and it’s safe and easy with small amounts of specimen collection.

EDGC diagnoses various diseases over the entire life cycle and provides a clinical solution for precision and personalized medicine. Also, EDGC has acquired international and domestic certificates to provide reliable services to customers.

The goal of EDGC is to become a company creating a healthy and happy life and a better future for the people.

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About EDGC

EDGC is the international joint venture established in 2013 between EONE Laboratories and Diagnomics. EDGC has developed leading-edge technology for genome analysis through constant research and development and has established a business network to expand its influence to the global market.

Furthermore, as the global leader of genome business, EDGC has worked on global projects with the most influential BT and IT companies in the world such as Illumina and Microsoft. In addition, EDGC is participating as the only Asian partner of the Global Screening Array Consortium in which only 12 other global leading companies participate in.

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